What all republicans must understand about the 2012 election

Pay attention Republicans - Read this


I am a Ron Paul supporter. This election season, no candidate will get my vote for the Office of President of the United States of America except for Ron Paul. There will be no exceptions. If he does not win the nomination, I will write his name on the ballot.

No amount of slick talking, flip-flopping, wooing, cajoling, threatening, or condescending will persuade me to vote for any other contender for that office.

You don't want to admit it, but you know that the Republican Party cannot beat Obama without me, a Ron Paul supporter. It's long past time you admit it.

You and I have conflicting goals. I will only cast a vote for liberty, for peace, for small government, for fiscal sanity and respect for the Constitution of the United States and adherence to the oath of office of the Presidency. You however are content merely to vote for whatever Republican the GOP leadership and the media approve of.

I will not move. I cannot be persuaded. You cannot win without me.

I am not here to convince you that Ron Paul's positions are superior. I am not here to convince you that his foreign policy is in line with traditional conservatism. I am not here to convince you that his understanding of economics put everyone else in Washington to shame. I am not even here to convince you that the positions of the other candidates are not materially different than Obama.

No, I don't need to do any of that. I only need to tell you that without me, you have lost. If you do not vote for Ron Paul in your Primary or Caucus, you are already defeated. If you fail to nominate Ron Paul to be the Republican candidate for President, Barack Hussein Obama will serve a second term.

This is not blackmail. This is not a threat. This is a simple statement of fact.

I stand firm and I will not accept anything less. If this makes sense, I urge you to pass it on while you still have time.

Thinking logically, Ron Paul is the only candidate that has the potential to unite real everyday people from both sides of the establishment. Most all republicans will vote for him just to get rid of Obama and disenfranchised dems will be less likely to vote for Obama and perhaps likely to vote for Paul.

All other GOP candidates will only push democrats and some independents to the ballot for Obama just to keep them out of office.

So it's simple... republicans can't stand Obama and neither can many dems...Ron Paul wins those independents and many disenfranchised dems.

If this makes sense, makes sure all your friends understand this, pass it on.

Think real hard about this... we already know the establishment doesn't want Ron Paul to win...but that's because they don't really stand with the people... in fact, the GOP is promoting a guy, Romney, who lost to a guy who lost to Obama in 2008... and on top of that, Romney's numbers are down from 2008. That's not a good sign.

You might say the same about Ron Paul...but we got to remember... the GOP has openly said that they don't want Ron Paul... so they don't fairly promote him. They use excuses that are just red herrings.

They demagogue issues...in many cases, a lot like those on the left! They are part of big government tax and spend policy, stretching the dollar thin with every Federal Reserve corporate bailout or subsidy.

If the GOP was really concerned about uniting around beating Obama...most certainly they would be talking about the candidate that actually really polls the best against Obama... not only based on what seems like common sense...but also in actual polls... look at all the polls online... Ron Paul wins virtually all of them. Why? Because most people really support him.


Think about it... some people might say all the Ron Paul voters rally around the internet or some bogus excuse like that... but honestly, doesn't it make more sense that there's more likely to be a conspiracy to against him than there is to be a conspiracy for him?

There is not 'conspiracy' to elect or promote Ron Paul....  it's just everyday people.... that's why you see us all over the internet. We are both liberals and conservatives. Ron Paul supporters are not for any one collective group. We are for The People!

That's why Ron Paul has crowds of several thousand at each campaign speech while other candidates are pulling typically only less than a thousand...in many cases only a few hundred... or even less than that!

There's a big establishment media and political blackout and from the perspective of a Ron Paul supporter, there is without doubt, massive vote fraud going on in most all caucus events, but forget that...even if you don't believe that or see that, my suggestion is to keep an open mind to the possibility that maybe there's much deeper reasons why the establishments on both sides don't want Ron Paul!

Because he is truly on the side of the people and not funded by the same corporations that support both Romney and Obama...like Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin.

We are all really on the same side....we are on the side of the people... not government and special interests groups! We stand for freedom, independence and liberty. Join us simply to learn more while we still have options.

We The People

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Blog notes
Immediate and urgent message to all GOP voters

Students are $1 trillion in debt

America is well over $15 trillion in debt

Ron Paul is not the Goldman Sachs candidate

The freedom movement

If you're against corporate monopolies...

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How Obama cares about the poor

Look... even if you're a democrat, just keep an open mind here. If Obama gave a rat's azz about a poor person, he wouldn't be focused on wealth redistribution or 'taxing the rich' and all this nonsense...he's just blowing hot smoke up your butt... he ain't taxing the super elite anyways...the corporations that are currently paying no taxes.... in fact, he's still subsidizing them. In other words, the IRS is giving those corporations billions of your tax dollars...and then they fail... because bureaucrats don't create business and jobs.

Bureaucrats can't spend your money better than you can...then can't invest it better. They are over privileged college kids that got a big government education on your dollar and they think they know how to nurture you and they can tell you what time to go to bed at night and when to change your child's diaper and such.

They don't have drive and desire and passion to get things done right the first time. The don't have no skin in the game. They're doing all their fun and games and social experiments on you and the people you care about... with your own money!

If Obama really cared about the poor, he's make sure that all smaller and medium sized businesses had less nonsense red tape and regulations to worry about so that they can actually grow and compete and hire new workers, since it's well known that smaller and medium sized businesses are the biggest employers in America. This way people have jobs and freedom and real lives... not welfare checks and food stamps. Not the dark veil of socialism, communism or even fascism.

Doesn't make sense that if you want a diverse commerce sector, you're going to allow for competition and free market principles to play out so that the economy can truly evolve and become stronger? You can't nurture life in a lab better than mother nature does on it's own.

obama poor people, obama helping poor people

Meanwhile, US students have a trillion dollars in student loan debt

I'm not against the idea of helping people anywhere to get educated, but once you understand the actual math behind it perhaps even more, it starts to take on a whole new perception.

The student loan program here in the US is an industrial complex, much like the military industrial complex in it's design. It creates debt and I ain't talking about just some regular student loans. I'm talking about debt that cannot just easily be paid back...or wasteful debt.

Watch this sometime if you happen to be so bored .
College Conspiracy

What if that few million was really the special interest of some corporations here that want to create foreign employees..so they have our government pay for their educations and then outsource American jobs to them...?

Anyways, the $20 million is certainly just a drop in the bucket in relation to the student loan debt of America for example....but still, there's a certain principle to the matter it would seem! That's just the perspective of some American citizens perhaps.

Education is fundamental. But I also think we can give tools and encouragement for learning in ways that don't always have to include so much fiat cash. I see that as often being oriented towards special interests and largely to the already most privileged people.

I think that education costs should be as low as possible...however thanks to the funding and subsidizing of education in such a gregarious manner has actually caused tuition to go up dramatically in recent years. I think controls/regulations and subsidies should be kept at an absolute minimum. Overall, any regulations have potential to do damage to an economy... so it's a fine line.... as soon as regulations are allowed, there's another excuse for a corporate attorney to exist. Sadly...

I'm all about free and fair trade and doing business globally, but that doesn't mean communism or welfare state. That means influencing people and negotiating with them. Offering guidance and leadership to the world. If we don't teach how to fish, we do a disservice to everyone!

We're $15 trillion in debt, where's the money gonna come from?

We're $15 trillion in debt... where's the money gonna come from?

Actually more like $50 trillion+ debt when you account for future SS and Medicare obligations. Aside from that, The Constitution gives the Federal government no authority to manage and centralize the economy, for a good reason. Because it leads to centralized, potentially tyrannical and fascist control.

The corporations tend to hijack the regulations and so they create monopolies for those companies in the market place and with subsidies and grants and other forms of easy government money and easy loans, they create all that legislation. Most of the help doesn't actually go to those people that need it.

It's not about leaving the poor to die and all that the way some people make it sound. It's more about allowing for more of a competitive, freer, more diverse market...instead of regulations that largely cut competitors of an industry, making it harder for smaller and medium sized businesses to start up.

The more mandates there are, the harder it is for the average, everyday citizen to compete in the marketplace. So that there could be reduction in the cost of healthcare for example. That's what competition in a free market does for us.

If we leave it up to the state...as we have, then healthcare quality will go down and cost will go up. I'm sure most sources will agree that we have. It's undeniable that healthcare inflation is 2-4 times the average rate. Think about the costs of many procedures that can actually be performed for much less. But hey, since the government or even the insurance company is paying for it...what does it matter?

They can then just jack up the price to whatever. That's what many doctors will think....just because they're in business too. They need to be competitive, not subsidized.

Abolishing medicare and social security is not Ron Paul's intention, although he does see it as not being Constitutional, which makes sense....because the Constitution was meant to prevent the kind of tyrannical government that existed back in Britain. It was meant to restrain government control.....so that we can continue to have the right to free speech.

Philosophically though... how do we just have the right to someone else's property upon birth? Isn't there an overall principle of responsibility? Shouldn't we have a system that does call for some responsibility? Should we just offer free healthcare to everyone? Where does it stop? Should people be taught that the government is going to take care of them from cradle to grave....? Is it helpful to people to teach them a mindset of dependence?

Anyways, Alicia, you really have to listen much closer and really watch more than just say one or two videos on the topic.
Here's a little more on that issue.... it's gonna end either way... we need to make some cuts from the military spending so that we can prevent throwing people out on the streets or abolishing Medicare... you just need to really look into the issue the way I see it.

Why Americans might not have to move to North Korea

We might not have to move to North Korea to get a feel for what it's like. Obama just recently signed a very strong internet censorship bill called ACTA that highly contradicts your first amendment rights and really everything the free and open internet stands for.

So from my perspective, that's just one of the many ways in which Obama is turning this country into something that resembles North Korea...where people aren't able to get watch international news and aren't able to visit government designated websites and can't protest and receive a bag of rice and beans as a ration for the month, can't travel internationally and that kind of thing.

I invite you to learn the details of ACTA

'I am not the Goldman Sachs candidate'

‎'I am not the Goldman Sachs candidate...'
'I am not the candidate for the military industrial complex...'
'...and I am not the 1st choice of Ben
Bernanke and the Federal Reserve System'
'...and I am certainly not the choice of the social and economic
authoritarians who want to run our lives and run the economy!'
~Ron Paul

You are disappointed with Obama and I know how you feel

You feel greatly disappointed by Obama and you realize he's a corporate shill, so what do you do?

I know how you feel, you feel it's hard to choose. But I think you just want to go on Youtube and look up Ron Paul and really research details to the few main issues you care about the most and just really make sure you know where he stands... that's all I can really say.

There's so many issues with Obama...it's hard, because to me, his supports are the very same people who he's effecting in a negative way the most!

He's restricting rights and creating bureaucracy and protection corporate monopolies. To dems, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's very dangerous the way it looks to me.

We the people are losing control. Soon the government will be beyond overthrowing if we are not careful.

If we do not make a clear cut decision to vote for personal and economic freedom. We have gone way to far in the wrong direction. These are just some thoughts of mine. I've always felt this way.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that not only came across as honest about his answers. When I really dig deep, I can truly say that overall, I feel I agree with probably 90% of his perspective and views....perhaps more...his principles just make too much sense when you analyze a myriad of facts... like abolishing the Fed. It's known that the Fed has made several secret, multi trillion dollar corporate bailouts... (corporate welfare)... and he wants to audit and possibly abolish the Fed.

Why don't people want to audit the Fed? Because they're just plain stupid. I don't see anything wrong with that....and don't see how a single taxpaying citizen would if they sat down and really thought about it....but until then, the media will spin it like it's a silly idea.... or that not looking for war is a crazy foreign policy... like there's just so much.

I imagine if you voted for Obama...you probably can't stand the idea of a 'republican'... I know how you feel... that's how I felt... especially with Bush....but then I realized there's good democrats and good republicans... and you can't discount neither....they're both right and both wrong in many ways.... but that's the problem...the current 'party' is trying to divide us while they end up agreeing on all these ways in which to tax and spend our money. That should be kept at a bare minimum.

We should belong more to ourselves that we do to the state!!

Ron Paul 2012!

disappointment with obama

Join the freedom movement, while you're still free to do so

Join the cause of liberty.... we're fighting major corporations on all sides of politics here... we're fighting all the corporations who are subsidized and allowed free reign by the government.

The corporations that have taken over the government in the name of a global government that seeks to remove our diversities and freedoms. You see that we have a massive following already... and surely more actual supporters among informed voters than any other candidate...however, we can never have to many people speaking out. The corruption is deep and Ron Paul is tearing away at the thick, greasy layer of bureaucracy and corporate government.

He's like soap in the dishpan... he's breaking up all the greasy bureaucracy. But he needs your help, he needs a snowball effect, gather all friends and family and have them listen to what he says on Youtube or his rallies or quotes and I truly believe that the more you listen, the more it will sink in... RON PAUL 2012!

Ron Paul is winning!!! Forget cronies like Obama/Romney.... they are both mostly the same, 
both bailed out big banks... that's definitely not conservative... and I don't think it's what a genuine liberal had in mind either... giving tax dollars to bureaucratic corporations... that's just plain straight up stupid... that's just straight up fascist!!!

CBS News research is saying that Obama, Romney, Bush and Cheney are all in the same family coat of arms.

Now is the time to stand up and start raising awareness more than ever!!!! Don't let up, don't believe anything negative, we are in it to win it! Keep doing everything you can to infiltrate the system! Be bold... it's time for Ron Paul!!!

Democrats and republicans... I spend the time to write this and tell you... it really doesn't matter if you vote for Romney or Obama... they are both literally related to George Bush and when you look at their record... they mostly vote the same and mostly agree.

While you're at it, get your friends on Ron Paul so they can see what it's all about!

Simple logix for simple minds!

Why do corporations support Obama and Romney... ? 
Because Obama and Romney support corporations... !!
Why do the actual troops support Ron Paul... ?
Because Ron Paul supports the actual troops... !!

If this makes sense... please pass this on
to someone you know and care about!

Do you believe these things?

If you're against corporate monopolies and bailouts on your tax dollars
If you're against preemptive war without a proper declaration from Congress
If you're against corporate/government collusion and control over society
If you don't want genetically modified foods on your store shelves
If you don't want high inflation on food, education, housing and energy prices
If you don't think America should physically force our lifestyle on other cultures
If you don't think any Federal bureaucrat should dictate your life
If you don't think corporations should be in bed with the government
If you don't think the government should have too much power over the people
If you understand the big governments can't properly define marriage
If you understand the big governments can't properly raise your children
If you understand the big governments can't properly teach right and wrong
If you believe in family and community values
If you believe in government transparency
If you believe in diversity of socioeconomic values such as culture and business
If you think that organizations should have to compete to earn your trust
If you believe strongly in freedom of speech and religion
If you think the President should resist taking too much power and control
If you think it makes sense to audit the Fed to reveal secret bailouts
If you want to get back to the common sense principles of freedom
If you understand that America is based on freedom from big government
If you realize that with $15 trillion+ in debt... we need to stop spending!
If you don't want to live in a nation of debt slavery
If you believe in independence and responsibility
If you realize that you're not entitled to someone else's property upon birth
If you don't want the government to babysit you from cradle to grave
If you understand private property and ownership rights
If you believe you own ownership over your property before the State does
If you believe in personal freedom of choice
If you believe you can raise your child better than the government can
If you want to support the majority of America's troops
If you understand the principles of peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty
If you don't want to experience the tyranny that big government has brought to nations like the Philippines, Japan, The Soviet Union, China, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many other places...
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corporate monopolies, corporate bailouts

How bureaucracy works

America has the FDA, but have the worlds highest rate of obesity, we have the DEA and have the worlds highest rate of drug use, we have the TAA and we just had the worlds worst terrorist attack ever involved jumbo jet airliners, we have the FCC, yet we have the most conglomerated media sources in the world with only 5 main media corporations.

We have the USDA, yet we have meat recalls like the recent arsenic/chicken discovery...every few months or even weeks. We have the DOE, yet we have some of the lowest test scores and highest education cost in the developed world. We have HUD, yet we have the worst mortgage/housing crises in recorded history.... we have the FEMA, yet thousands still died in Katrina and 9/11....we have a DOD, but then our country is constantly in a preemptive war..... do you see a problem trend here??!!

The middle class are being reamed and ripped off in a way that you all don't even realize....the US is surely being extracted of it's real wealth.... you're just being given a piece of paper called the dollar.... look at Zimbabwe, they gave of capitalism for socialism because they believed their government's social promises.... so did the Philippines... and they both now have massive inflation and are utterly poor and barely feed themselves...many do not, where they were much stable before.... go for RON PAUL in 2012.... don't make that mistake of believing flip floppers like Obama and Bush and Romney and Gingrich and all those career politician/attorney/CEO types....elect someone who wants to actually downsize major bureaucracy.

how bureaucracy works

How industrial complexes can create monopolies

I'm all for helping people...but have faith in people, not government, rich people want to help, I've rarely had any significant help from a poor person in my times of need... most of the poor people taught me thing that kept me poor, I made money learning from rich people...not wealthy elite types but hard working class people that made a good chunk.... those are the people that have given me the most fish and taught me how to fish the most....most poor people are teaching you how to be a follower.... so it's not that poor people are bad, it's just that many of them are infected with a mental disease of dependence... at least in a society like America, which should be more capitalistic so that you have more opportunity, but the reality is the the government intervention is only causing a lot of the monopolies we are seeing....the big government being the biggest one.

Look I know what you're thinking that sounds harsh, some idiots child, but you got to understand there's a perspective that says I didn't get to go to college for whatever reasons, largely my responsibility of course, but overall, if I don't use the college system, why should I pay for it...and how does a federal mandate on education prove they are getting good educations if our system is badly failing?

Colleges charge a fortune because they big government is footing the bill, but since big government doesn't really have anything, it has to take something from me and you. Education should be left mainly to the private market.

 Education quality is declining quite a bit in this country it's because the government has their hands all over the education system

I think it's great really that civilians from different nations can actually get on here and have a real, live discussion about what's going on in the politics of our nations, this is how you decipher the real news from the propaganda in some ways perhaps....you got to be critical, but also read between the lines, I think overall, we are getting a clear message here....our leadership is making some very bad choices and needs to be reshaped.

We need to stop supporting the establishments. We need to become independent of them, they don't want that, but that's what we must push for every day more and more, to break the system down, to shake the fleas and ticks away that eat at us everyday, the bureaucrats, politicians, CEOs and general movers and shakers, but you must outwork them, you must out lead them, you must make a decision to take control, start you won following, your own movement towards more independents, while still maintaining patriotism, but a much better guided and critical patriotism....not a blind patriotism. Our society will be much stronger and we don't have to have war all the time, it's fake. 

The sad reality of Federal agencies like the TSA

If you remember the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, you'll know that the TSA didn't prevent them from getting their bomb materials onto the planes... so that's just an example of how it can be an incredible waste of money.

But if you don't see that, I don't know what to tell you...it's like I'm telling you 2 + 2 is 4 and you're saying no...

I didn't say the FDA directly causes obesity....but my point is that, even with the FDA...America ranks number one in obesity...according to Reuters...so I'm just saying...perhaps they're not really a benefit... in fact they are there perhaps really there to help certain corporations... like Monsanto.... which Hillary Clinton for example used to be a defense attorney for...
The United States is the most obese country in the world with 34% of the adult population classified as obese, according to the latest OECD survey. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson


America...number 1

America's the best .. in obesity.... also got some of the highest rates of heart disease...the number one killer... so yeah, we have issues....why? Because the government's taking care of it....everyone thinks that if the government says it's ok, it must be ok! The government approves chicken mcnuggets and Coca Colas!


the tsa, groping, warrantless search, federal agencies

Where half of your taxes dollars are really going

53% of every tax dollar goes to the defense budget!

And not to mention that $1.7 trillion black budget that they're doing who knows what with!

That's tax and spend policy at it's finest! And then what happens?

Massive inflation. Think about it.... the military contractors know that the governments paying for everything...they lobby politicians to vote for the war bills and they make a killing.

After all, the government's paying for everything..or like when colleges get a billion dollars in subsidies... do you think that really educates kids...?

Think about it...we have some of the lower school grades of the developed world....we have the FDA...and obesity has only increased since then...we have the DEA....drug rates have gone up....we have the TSA....yet several failed bomb attempts have gotten past security...we have the FCC...yet Family Guy and Adult Swim make up the average cartoon on TV these days!

Look at the quality of the media here! We have the department of energy....yet we got $4 gas and energy rates have gone up by about 30% across the board in recent years....same with education, the obligation to SS and medicare....all subsidized by fake money...that doesn't exist and is only a debt!

where tax dollars are going

Obama's snoops, cronies and bureaucrats

Right now...Obama's hiring thousands of IRS auditors...and believe me...they won't be going after the 1%.... they're hired by the 1%

Obama just appointed like 10 Goldman Sachs execs to positions within the federal agencies.

He also appointed Michael Taylor of Monsanto to head the FDA. I would think that would scare the hell out of anyone .... that knows the Monsanto rep...! Let's spend time railing against that...since that's the one in power!

Ron Paul is talking about bringing troops home so we're not blowing up little kids in foreign countries to get oil and buy military gear from GE and Jack Welch who just came on TV today pandering to Ron Paul supporters trying to get us to support Romney, his Goldman Sachs candidate of choice on the right....so that he can head up against Obama...who they know will lose to Obama, but just in case he wins, at least he's a GS candidate and will do their bidding for the most part!

I mean think about it... the gop is supporting a guy who lost to a guy who lost to Obama in 2008.... the GOP wants Obama.... Bill Crystal wants Obama, Cheney wants his cousin Obama in office, so does Bush Sr.

Obama is a CIA insider, he is a CIA creation, he protects the black budget and hires cronies! Let's spend time getting rid of that... heck at this point, you might as well at least try Romney, Obama signed NDAA and ACTA...so we know he's headed in the wrong direction....you have nothing to lose, but I say support RP, because they way we see it, it's RP vs Goldman Sachs this year!

Just look up Obama top contributors and same with Romney!

Goldman Sachs is picking your Prez... it's a rigged election...we need a landslide! Sure you know that Bush elections were rigged.... what do you think.. they totally stopped that? No.... there's a heavy media bias against Paul....military contractors absolutely don't want him to win.

That's why Jack Welch is freaking out and going on TV saying how repubs need to treat RP supporters with great respect and he's the kind of person that calls RP's foreign policy ideas so crazy.... because....they aren't profitable to his company!

What is profitable to him is to expand the military and the entire war and selling all his junk wares to you...the American tax payer...and so America has $15 trillion in immediate debt...but really much higher.... but do you think people like Jack Welch....or Obama are in debt? No.... they are the 1%...! Send this to your friends and family and help them to become more aware.