Meanwhile, US students have a trillion dollars in student loan debt

I'm not against the idea of helping people anywhere to get educated, but once you understand the actual math behind it perhaps even more, it starts to take on a whole new perception.

The student loan program here in the US is an industrial complex, much like the military industrial complex in it's design. It creates debt and I ain't talking about just some regular student loans. I'm talking about debt that cannot just easily be paid back...or wasteful debt.

Watch this sometime if you happen to be so bored .
College Conspiracy

What if that few million was really the special interest of some corporations here that want to create foreign they have our government pay for their educations and then outsource American jobs to them...?

Anyways, the $20 million is certainly just a drop in the bucket in relation to the student loan debt of America for example....but still, there's a certain principle to the matter it would seem! That's just the perspective of some American citizens perhaps.

Education is fundamental. But I also think we can give tools and encouragement for learning in ways that don't always have to include so much fiat cash. I see that as often being oriented towards special interests and largely to the already most privileged people.

I think that education costs should be as low as possible...however thanks to the funding and subsidizing of education in such a gregarious manner has actually caused tuition to go up dramatically in recent years. I think controls/regulations and subsidies should be kept at an absolute minimum. Overall, any regulations have potential to do damage to an economy... so it's a fine line.... as soon as regulations are allowed, there's another excuse for a corporate attorney to exist. Sadly...

I'm all about free and fair trade and doing business globally, but that doesn't mean communism or welfare state. That means influencing people and negotiating with them. Offering guidance and leadership to the world. If we don't teach how to fish, we do a disservice to everyone!

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