In case you can't believe Obama would say that

Do you want to live in a technocracy?
Do you know what a technocracy is?

There's surely something eerie about living in an age of computers and artificial intelligence.

Remember the Bush years, when George Bush started the drone strikes and use of special war tactics and equipment and utter offenses on our basic civil liberties such as the Patriot Act? Has anything changed?

‎'I have two words for you... predator drones!
You will never see it comin'... you think I'm joking!'
Barack Obama

Apparently, he wasn't kidding

30,000 drones over U.S. skies gets approval from Congress

This is just the beginning!

Do you know what Monsanto is?

Monsanto is a corporation that has a very bad record of environmental destruction.
Monsanto is the creator of Agent Orange and Round Up pesticide ready, genetically altered corn, soy and other foods.

Monsanto's goal is to make money at the very least. Monsanto is a business. Why then would President Obama appoint the executive of such a corporations to head a serious Federal food and consumption regulations agency like the FDA?

Look at the kinds of things these people are doing!

Isn't that an utter offense to everything a good government is supposed to be doing?

Isn't the Federal agency, the FDA, supposed to be operated by civil libertarians, independent nutritionist, activist, whistle blower, parents and everyday people like me and you?

Also, about The Matrix.... you may think it's a joke... but here's a short video about DARPA drones and robots and the matrix your tax dollars are paying for!

If you don't want genetically modified foods on your store shelves
If you don't want high inflation on food, education, housing and energy prices
If you don't think America should physically force our lifestyle on other cultures
If you don't think any Federal bureaucrat should dictate your life
If you don't think corporations should be in bed with the government

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Here's 218 interesting and compelling reasons Americans are disappointed with Obama

Over 2 MILLION serious adverse drug reactions yearly
100,000 DEATHS yearly
Are you awake yet?
Thanks FDA!!!

When do you think they will decide that it's OK to exterminate a few of you?

Can we hurry up and wake the fk up my friends and just realize that Dr. Ron Paul is the only 2012 Presidential candidate who addresses issues like this by calling to dismantle bogus federal departments that are your worst enemy such as the USDA, FDA, NSA, HUD and others! Let's awaken's 2012... it's the time of the awakening!

What is the Rony 2012 movement? Let's have a look!

Just to think... Obama and Romney are both related to this guy...

The same people who don't want states to have rights because they might
become corrupt are many of the same people who are endorsing a global state!
Do we not see a problem with that?

And about Bush and Obama...
Clearly a family reunion!!
Heck, they might even be lovers...
Sadly I may not joking! (Research Bohemian Grove)
But hey, at the very least...
I told you they were related...
According to this clip from CBS News that is:

Do you know who Agent Smith is?

‎********HEY, YOU... YEAH... YOU... I know this sounds crazy right.... but get this.... your friend shared this blog with you to ask you to visit this website for a few short videos to see what Congressman and Dr Ron Paul is doing to unite all Americans, democrats, republicans, independents and others and bringing us all back to our most cherished constitutional rights such as our right to privacy, liberty and the right to earn a living and live mostly free of excessive state controls and taxation to fund a bursting welfare/warfare state economy that has taxed the people far too much and then spent way too much money on all the wrong things. Your friends shared this with you to simply ask you to take a few minutes to put aside any and really all preconceived notions...and just watch a few of these videos at to really learn what is going on with this particular candidate. YOU JUST HAVE TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND!! VISIT THE SITE...BROWSE THE FEW SHORT VIDEOS.********

What you need to make noise about

Think about it people... while we still have time... unless you want another big banker, anti-OWS/anti-Tea Party candidate, call on all friends and family from the right and the left to come together and support Ron Paul...the ONLY candidate in this race!! The only one protecting your free will and basic human and constitutional rights.

One of the only politicians making a strong push to lower YOUR tax burdens, increase the value of your money, maintain cultural and business diversity, decrease the power of the Federal government, reduce bureaucracy, make serious spending cuts, restore an image of peace and prosperity, restore independence, responsibility, freedom of religion, no matter what religion or non religion, freedom of speech, freedom for a law abiding citizen to bare arms.

Anti death penalty, anti war, anti establishment, anti corporate bailout/stimulus, anti SOPA, PIPA, CISTA, NDAA, PATRIOT ACT, TSA, NSA, DOE, HUD... in other words...anti BS government scam programs. Anti corporate lobbying, anti bureaucrats living off your tax dollar.

Anti welfare/warfare state... pro life...but not an imposer of Federal mandates and thinks that local states should have the power to vote on that issue and create their own laws for the most part... a free market for law, speech, economy.... so that real solutions can spring up... to prevent monopolies, to increase productivity, to restore real freedom, freedom from slavery and debt slavery.

Anti collectivist, anti torture...served in the military, unlike all other candidates... also delivered about 4,000 babies as an OBGYN in his career, never lost a baby... he cares about life, he cares about your's not just a game to him, he takes your personal free will and your personal rights very seriously. He doesn't want to be President to dictate and control your life. He doesn't want to enslave you economically by spending all your tax dollars before you even earn them.

He doesn't want to be paid more than the average American earnings of about $40,000/yr. He doesn't expect to take a $4 million vacation on your dime. He doesn't expect you to give up your freedom for safety... he just doesn't think you're that much of a sheep, he doesn't think you're that stupid.

He doesn't think you're naive... he doesn't think that most Americans need more babying and coddling and nanny statism.... he thinks that YOU are America....and for America to be strong and prosperous and independent, YOU must be strong and prosperous and independent.

He believes in free markets, with regulations on the monetary supply and enforcing contract, property and bankruptcy laws. He wants a full audit of the Fed...because he knows they have been ripping you off...and all Americans... and he's here to speak out against it....even though JFK and Lincoln both lost their lives most likely for doing that very same thing.

This is why you need to stand up and make your voice heard.... and show support for the good Doctor more than ever before.... we welcome all republicans and democrats to really look beyond all the nonsense the media is spewing. They are part of the massive black out to keep Ron Paul's message from getting to the people. But they are failing. People are waking up, you're waking up. Ron Paul for liberty and Ron Paul for freedom.... because .... nobody else was really saying anything!!! RON PAUL 2012

Micah Carter
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