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David Andrew Howard
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Peter Schiff
Andrew Napolitano
Matt Stone
Vince Vaughn
Doug Stanhope
Mark Dice
Rand Paul
Ayn Rand
Dean Koontz
Dr. Mary Ruwart
Henry Hazlitt
Karl Hess
L. Neil Smith
Nick Gillespie
Robert Heinlein
Robert Ringer
Thomas Sowell
Walter Williams
David Friedman
Friedrich Hayek
Ludwig Von Mises
Milton Friedman
Murray Rothbard
Walter Block
Clint Eastwood
Dixie Carter
Drew Carey
John Stossel
Kurt Russell
Tom Selleck
Tommy Chong
Trey Parker
Lysander Spooner
Dave Barry
Tim Slagle
Marshall Fritz
Dwight Yoakam
Jimmie Vaughan
John Popper
Neil Peart
Justin Amesh
David F. Nolan
Gary Johnson
Jim Gray
Philip Labonte
John Locke
Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Woods
Matt Larson
Luke Rudkowski
Joe Rogan
John Mayer
Alex Jones
Adam Kokesh
Amanda BillyRock
Ashley Nicole York
Lew Rockwell
Austin Peterson
Aimee Allen
Juliette Lewis
Penn Gillette
Arian Foster
Peyton Hillis
Joe Perry
Frederick Bastiat

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How government regulations are harmful

Aren't you against the failing and costly drug war and the sanctions that spark tensions and keep people from traveling and trading with other countries which may even be their homeland like Cuba for instance? Aren't you tired of the government telling people who can and can't get married...and giving special privileges for one group over another? Shouldn't we have the right to choose our own careers, property and contract rights?

The government officials and their cronies often offer regulations that sound good, but are actually creating monopolies and protecting certain businesses and industries from competition and failure. Largely a competition for your mind...which is they way it should be... if there was no competition for your mind, you would have no choices to make and no critical thinking to do. Join us in the revolution!!!

The real Ron Paul supporter doesn't have a preference of Obama or Romney.... they are both bad! The real Ron Paul supporter will not vote for either one regardless! We don't play politics! Don't blame the RP supporter... blame the GOP and blame yourselves. If the GOP and the entire media hadn't cheated us... then perhaps something would be at least a little different! Blame the GOP!! We gave them plenty of warning...Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney...we've been saying it all this time .... a nomination for Romney is an election for Obama... we tried to warn you... but did you and the GOP listen... ? Nope!! Oh well...

Join the revolution and invite your friends to do the same

Obama poses challenge to his supporters

The last thing I'm telling you to do is support Romney or some other GOP RINO!

However, Obama expects his supporters to overlook a few things.

Now I'm not expecting you to just believe any random Youtube video... all I'm saying is just have an open mind enough to watch it and then maybe do some research on it so you can better understand how Obama actually deceives the poor, unsuspecting democrat who means to do good and help the poor and be accepting of different people and all that, but simply doesn't understand how Obama is really a neocon fascist with a D next to his name.

Obama's not the first 'black' President. He's probably more white than black... and he's working for the elite! He was created by the same people who brought you Bush.... he's part of the Bush family. Heck, remember when Bush and Obama both came together all nice and bi partisan ... as salespeople for TARP??!!

Remember that.... when they agreed to take over $800 billion from the general fund... your taxes.... and give it to failing big bankers, creditors and corporations....and told you some BS about how it's gonna 'stimulate' the economy and you might have believed it a little...but you can see that it's simply a bunch of lies and a con job on a major scale!

A corporate welfare handout!

Even though that $800 billion comes out to over $2,000 for every single American citizen of 380 million people... instead of giving that money back to the people.... I mean... they could have sent EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN ALIVE a $2,000 check... maybe stimulate the economy and spending.... but no... what did they do?? They gave it to a few wealthy elite.... and people are somehow blindly supporting it! But I know that you're not that stupid !! You see what's going on... you're awake.

You realize that there is virtually no real difference between the RNC and the DNC....they are both complete and utter frauds and it's time for you to join the revolution... so we can get Monsanto and Mars Candy Company and many others out of our government... and we need to downsize that big fascist government like no tomorrow.... like as if we're on the verge of Hitler of something...because we really don't know what will happen when the big pseudo government body is gonna awaken and become completely tyrannical. You want less government economic intervention.... the government will never try to eliminate or even reduce itself overall.

Only you can stand up and resist! Only you can say yes to cultural freedom, diversity, tolerance, humanity... not the monolithic big pseudo government. We need a government that plays the minimal role, so that you and I can be mostly free!! :) Now keep this guy in mind...

Obama and his NSA speak volumes: