How government regulations are harmful

Aren't you against the failing and costly drug war and the sanctions that spark tensions and keep people from traveling and trading with other countries which may even be their homeland like Cuba for instance? Aren't you tired of the government telling people who can and can't get married...and giving special privileges for one group over another? Shouldn't we have the right to choose our own careers, property and contract rights?

The government officials and their cronies often offer regulations that sound good, but are actually creating monopolies and protecting certain businesses and industries from competition and failure. Largely a competition for your mind...which is they way it should be... if there was no competition for your mind, you would have no choices to make and no critical thinking to do. Join us in the revolution!!!

The real Ron Paul supporter doesn't have a preference of Obama or Romney.... they are both bad! The real Ron Paul supporter will not vote for either one regardless! We don't play politics! Don't blame the RP supporter... blame the GOP and blame yourselves. If the GOP and the entire media hadn't cheated us... then perhaps something would be at least a little different! Blame the GOP!! We gave them plenty of warning...Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney...we've been saying it all this time .... a nomination for Romney is an election for Obama... we tried to warn you... but did you and the GOP listen... ? Nope!! Oh well...

Join the revolution and invite your friends to do the same

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