How Elizabeth Warren thinks

Elizabeth Warren has gotten a lot of coverage for her stance on taxation. However, some would say she has little understanding! If she got it, she'd be railing against Obama for appointing all those corporations like Goldman Sachs to head the US government....wouldn't she?!

She thinks the solution is to tax and spend and that everyone is entitled from birth! She's basically creating a can't do, defeatist, entitlement society...and she is essentially creating an atmosphere that is causing business owners to want to simply leave the country!

Then there won't be any jobs...all that will be left are defeatist people with little business or entrepreneurial experience... everyone will only suffer that much more! Look at Zimbabwe! She says Romney benefits from the current tax structure... well... that's a good reason to rework the IRS, the Fed and the corporate controlled government body!

People who create jobs and work their butts off to start businesses don't want to see their property rights taken away. They will just leave! In fact, right now, we are seeing a mass exodus... just wait and see how the economy does then! You'll be wishing people like Warren would just shut up, because there will be nothing. No employers, a vastly devalued in Zimbabwe where they print a $10 trillion bill...but can't afford to even feed themselves...and they dig for tiny bits of gold all day everyday...because a tiny bit of gold is worth more than that $10 trillion bill!

That's what happens when you let the government take over the economy. You get Soviet Unions, North Koreas, Chinas, Philipines, Zimbabwes...and many others! It's not to say socialism can't work...but that all depends on the dictator in charge! We the people in America are known for wanting to be free from dictatorship and tyranny! It wasn't perfect to start, but it was a vast step ahead of where we came from... so that's just a little feedback on the link. Either way, have a great day.

Watch Gold for Bread to see more about how socialism can lead to tyranny and poverty.

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How do you feel about misleading media propaganda?

Watch this video and share your thoughts

Some would say we need to call on all credible and independent media sources to call CNN out on this... let's call on all local media and newspapers to point this out! We can't count on CNN... let them know we have been seeing there obvious media blackout... we need to sue CNN for this... class action lawsuit based on misrepresentation and slander... think about it...since the 'racist newsletters debunked by Ben Swann' video came out...the MSM has shut up...notice that??

In other words... some much smaller scale independent reported was able to do more actual, credible research than a major media outlet such as CNN or CBS or any of the other few major stations into the an issue before putting out tons of slanderous and misleading reports out there that don't present the entire circumstances due to non objective, bias, yellow journalism...where obvious, common sense information can be completely ignored in favor of demagoguery and over exaggeration.

It either smacks of complete and utter bias or complete and utter incompetence and either way it needs to be stopped, we need to ask ourselves what we are willing to put up with. What are you willing to put up with?

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The startling truth about the American economy that most people just don't understand

What is easy money? What is easy credit? What are artificially low interest rates? What does socialist ideas, including massive wars, lead to?

When you give the government a bunch of money, the corporations move into the government and take over that big pot of gold... and that's the bottom if you don't want tyranny... remain as independent of government as you can and encourage others to do the same... that doesn't mean every little thing...but people have voted for money for free education and too much government healthcare and subsidies to energy and the biggest expense, war.... other big spending 'social' efforts that exist on the left and the right...and are sold to the creating the problem themselves in the first place... like 9/11, which you need to look much closer at!

The government has nothing and so it has to take something from someone else to give it to someone else.... and that someone else is probably not gonna be someone in need.... it's gonna mostly go to someone in a position of preexisting power! People must understand.... it's not the capitalism that's messed up the's the social efforts... they have put is into deep debt....$15 trillion...really more like $70 trillion... how did we create the much debt... ? We printed it right up... and now the dollar is inflated, students are a trillion in debt thanks to easy money student loans.

It was simply printed money that doesn't really mean anything other than it's value in this one economy which is on the verge of a total collapse and could one day be printing up $100 trillion bills that won't even buy a loaf of bread and we will be dependent on the welfare of other nations!

There's so much misunderstanding it's not even funny! It's sadly, very dangerous... the corporations control the congress right now.... and why is that..? Because there's always someone out there who's going to demand help from the big government ... the pseudo organization that always moves towards a nation of debt slavery.... just give everyone a bunch of IOU's.. or paper, fiat dollars!

Artificially low interest rates, easy money, easy loans, money that has no basis and actual resources like precious metals or real estate..but instead are just promises to pay....which will largely go unpaid by the people who took the loans and will largely fall on the people who worked the hardest...the middle class taxpayer!

We haven't had capitalism....we've had about 50% socialism....and that's the biggest part of the problem with our collapsing economy!

There's very few politicians that have even talked about or understand this in any way...Ron Paul is one of the very few politicians that even understands that! That's why he wants to investigate the Federal Reserve. Some would say they have committed the biggest heist on the U.S. economy off all time! Ron Paul has called for full audit of the federal reserve...others have agreed with him, but then they step away from the issue.

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Why is marijuana illegal you ask

Why is marijuana illegal you ask

Because it's most profitable to the pseudo government entity crime racket called the DEA which is just a part of the CIA which runs the secret government and black ops and which enslaves and imprisons a large percentage of the population at some point in the lives of many and that only exist with your permission!

But in reality, the drug problem is mostly propaganda put out by drug enforcing and testing agencies, the legal industry, the prison system and the courts... BUREAUCRATS! Do you have to condone drug use just to condone drug legalization? No... that's like saying I condone smoking cigarettes or eating fast food! It's one thing if a person gets violent or aggressive...but that is an act of violence...don't let people start blaming drugs for their own actions...that's not really a good excuse or label!

Does the war on drugs work? Well America is the top drug using country so apparently something's not functioning right...    or is it?! Guess it just depends on which side of that coin you're on!

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Why the GOP would rather have Obama than Paul in office

To understand Obama, we must first understand that Obama is aligned with the 'GOP'. Many of the GOP don't know it...and certainly most dems don't have a clue...but perhaps Obama is just another CIA project...he's related to George Bush, as is Romney and Cheney...and he's a neo con...he's pro war for profit...he's a product of the western industrial complex that promotes war, propaganda and drugs on an ultra massive scale!

A shadow government has taken over. We have moved into a fascist state, where corporations control the government. They promote a drug war racket for profit, they control the war overseas for profit, the control the manufactures of all the equipment that is sold to the arms dealers for profit...the economic hit men that go out and set up the policies that allow for the most profit.

The government is the source of the most monopolization...they promote fascism on a global scale and they give us mostly phony lives full of illusions of security that are largely based on our lack of independence. The more dependent we are, the bigger the government will become... the pseudo entity that has nothing and therefor must take something from you in order to create and enforce it's 'regulations' which gravitate towards perpetual debt...debt slavery...say no to big government and say yes to liberty!

Reasons why you should go libertarian

Think about it. Peace and prosperity for all. Send an example. Teach countries to fish, don't give them a fish. Why would we have our military in other countries if it wasn't profitable in some way? We wouldn't!! Are you profiting from it? I would guess the answer is probably no...unless you're a stockholder with Boeing, Remington or Lockheed Martin of course.

So ask and why should we, as taxpayers, support and pay for a war that we know was started on definite lies?Say no to war! A war has to have a clear objective...our objective is VERY MURKY! Do you know what the real reason is that we are in this country for 11 YEARS???  I mean come on... how long did WWII take? Think about it!! 

Ron Paul has the stance on social issues that is based in Christian values without alienating the more secular voter. He makes it possible for many liberals to fit in more comfortably with the largely conservative idea of personal responsibility. If you want to have liberals listen to your ideas of fiscal conservatism, you have to allow them room on the table and Ron Paul's approach does that. Share this message. Ask your friends to share it.

Tell everyone about this, because honestly, if you're anti Obama or just a conservative in general, I believe you really need to think about this. Not just to get Ron Paul in...which I think makes great sense when you really listen to what he has to say...but mainly to get Obama out....who we know is ruining things including the economy!!

Think about it people. If this matters to you, you need to make a firm decision to take action and SHARE THIS MESSAGE on Facebook as well. Make it go viral. You need to start voting for Ron Paul in all the polls you see, you need to make a strong push to promote him. Please consider this!! Don't let Obama take the election in 2012 because we picked someone who will likely lose a debate with Obama.

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A special message for conservatives

URGENT message to everyone and especially all conservatives and republicans. I personally come from the left in terms of family background and upbringing. But as someone who believes in personal responsibility over government dependency, I have many conservative values that have developed. Now I don't want to argue or create any problems with my fellow friends on Facebook or anywhere else. I don't want to disenfranchise or alienate please know that is not my intention in any way.

My hope is for this message to go viral and it can only happen with your support. I can't support Obama...he is hurting around badly. He's flipped flopped on so much like the drug war, the troop withdrawal, getting money out of politics, ending lobbying and corporate greed, standing up for Habeus Corpus...even allowing horse slaughter for human consumption, ending stimulus frauds. However, he's done the exact opposite of what he said he'd do on so many things. 

I don't see Obama doing  and has carried on Bush style tactics in his presidency. He's nobody to trust with your country. He protects corporations. After all, they got him elected and he's an attorney. Goldman Sachs is his main corporate supporter. But there are many others.

I just implore you to think seriously about this. Which GOP candidate is best suited to pull Obama's voters away from him in a head to head race...??

Think about it realistically. When it get's down to just 2 people, no conservative is going to even think about voting for Obama. The way things are going, they will go out and vote for any GOP candidate at this point...just to oust Obama!!

But if it's Obama Vs Perry/Gingrich/Romney/Cain/Bachman... you got to ask yourself, will one of those guys definitely stand a great chance to beat Obama....???? Remember, there's a lot of liberals out there still...look at OWS...!!! Do you think any of them will vote for any of those GOP candidates? NO!!!

I know you think a lot of dems are dissatisfied and dislike Obama, but the only candidate they will even consider voting for on the right would be Ron Paul...!!! Ron Paul realistically stands the best chance in a head to head race with Obama...I know many people don't want to hear this because they have their opinions and I know you may want to support
Perry, Gingrich, Romney, Bachmann, Huntsman or Santorum. But think about how passionate Ron Paul supporters are. There's good reasons for that.  Let's take this seriously and tell everyone you know, especially conservatives that they want a consistent, fiscal conservative that is not an absolutist but has a track record of sticking to principals.

You don't want an endless war against a tactic called terrorism. Terrorism is a tact and by definition cannot really ever be destroyed. To say that we're at war against terrorism is to imply that we are always scared of an unknown future event that can happen at any time. Going to war really doesn't solve anything. What has it really solved for us? We are going to pay for it for many years to come. Are you getting anything out of it other than a bunch of dead bodies. Is it really worth up to several hundred thousand dead civilians in the middle East just for us to catch one guy who never even admitted to actually committing the 9/11 attacks in the first place?

I know some people think foreign policy is a big issue...but the reason for that is because we are a welfare/warfare state. We really don't mind our own business. We keep printing up more money to send overseas. If we would have just kept that money, we could have much more bargaining power and we'd be much more independent. We wouldn't be borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from China, we wouldn't be printing up all these extra paper dollars causing massive inflation bubbles on housing, healthcare, social security, education, energy and case you've noticed.

We don't have to be isolationist just to be conservative. Some people would say that conservative people are isolationists moreso by their very nature off being less altruistic in let's not call the kettle black. There is absolutely no need for a bunch of your own tax dollars to be paying for 900 military bases around the world, that's absurd! Would we ever tolerate a Chinese military base here in the states? No, absolutely not!

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How to take care of the poor

Taking care of the poor - People should be encouraged to help the poor through private means more so, however, it doesn't mean we end the few major things like just food and some basic and immediate care, that's how the corporations get rich... through the private and public sector.

We need to limit that to the free market... not with a bunch of artificial government intervention.

Helping people with the basic minimums and cutting out all the biggest expenses, like a good slice of the military budget and the housing and education grants and loans...those have to end. Easy money and artificially low rates are what got everyone messed up and in debt.

Maybe a few of you slipped through those traps, but you are now a victim of a much more pervasive problem....mass inflation....which we are only at the edge of if we don't stop the spending and the printing of more paper money to give to whatever special interest is up next like the education, healthcare, some ethnic group, some science project, some defense project, some human experimentation or pharmaceutical project, some terrorism and war games project, some depopulation project!!

What the President needs to be doing is attracting capital and entrepreneurs to the US and giving them incentives to hire, not raising their taxes and regulating them so much, they can hardly operate.... because you all are dependent on them, you need jobs, you are mostly not independent and business are mindless job seekers who are telling all the opportunity seekers and risk takers that they owe you something for nothing.... the welfare state is the reason for the income divide.

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Obama just told people what they wanted to hear

Obama straight up lied to you and everyone else to get elected....his words were 'you can take that to the bank' when he talked about a 16 month troop draw down... he just said what idiots wanted to hear... to get elected... and your dumb azz is over here defending him

Something's wrong with these people who don't see a problem just cuz they think Obama is so special...I didn't idolize Bush, I won't idolize Obama....they're both the same

I guess if you simply think in terms of a 2 party box. The way I see it, Ron Paul had to pick a major party for a real chance to get support again say Obama... he ran independent last time, didn't win, he's running repub this time cuz he is a fiscal what about it? Just because he happens to be on republican party ticket and I happen to support someone on that ticket for once in my life, doesn't exactly make me a party republican... but you can choose to think within that box.

You all don't want to be handing over a bunch of private income over to the federal government, overall, where do you think that money's ultimately gonna end up...? In the hands of the wealthy and a few special interests groups. The administrators and CEOS of the schools, the military, the public housing sector, the health care industry, the corporations in general.

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