How do you feel about misleading media propaganda?

Watch this video and share your thoughts

Some would say we need to call on all credible and independent media sources to call CNN out on this... let's call on all local media and newspapers to point this out! We can't count on CNN... let them know we have been seeing there obvious media blackout... we need to sue CNN for this... class action lawsuit based on misrepresentation and slander... think about it...since the 'racist newsletters debunked by Ben Swann' video came out...the MSM has shut up...notice that??

In other words... some much smaller scale independent reported was able to do more actual, credible research than a major media outlet such as CNN or CBS or any of the other few major stations into the an issue before putting out tons of slanderous and misleading reports out there that don't present the entire circumstances due to non objective, bias, yellow journalism...where obvious, common sense information can be completely ignored in favor of demagoguery and over exaggeration.

It either smacks of complete and utter bias or complete and utter incompetence and either way it needs to be stopped, we need to ask ourselves what we are willing to put up with. What are you willing to put up with?

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