How Elizabeth Warren thinks

Elizabeth Warren has gotten a lot of coverage for her stance on taxation. However, some would say she has little understanding! If she got it, she'd be railing against Obama for appointing all those corporations like Goldman Sachs to head the US government....wouldn't she?!

She thinks the solution is to tax and spend and that everyone is entitled from birth! She's basically creating a can't do, defeatist, entitlement society...and she is essentially creating an atmosphere that is causing business owners to want to simply leave the country!

Then there won't be any jobs...all that will be left are defeatist people with little business or entrepreneurial experience... everyone will only suffer that much more! Look at Zimbabwe! She says Romney benefits from the current tax structure... well... that's a good reason to rework the IRS, the Fed and the corporate controlled government body!

People who create jobs and work their butts off to start businesses don't want to see their property rights taken away. They will just leave! In fact, right now, we are seeing a mass exodus... just wait and see how the economy does then! You'll be wishing people like Warren would just shut up, because there will be nothing. No employers, a vastly devalued in Zimbabwe where they print a $10 trillion bill...but can't afford to even feed themselves...and they dig for tiny bits of gold all day everyday...because a tiny bit of gold is worth more than that $10 trillion bill!

That's what happens when you let the government take over the economy. You get Soviet Unions, North Koreas, Chinas, Philipines, Zimbabwes...and many others! It's not to say socialism can't work...but that all depends on the dictator in charge! We the people in America are known for wanting to be free from dictatorship and tyranny! It wasn't perfect to start, but it was a vast step ahead of where we came from... so that's just a little feedback on the link. Either way, have a great day.

Watch Gold for Bread to see more about how socialism can lead to tyranny and poverty.

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