Nature, freedom, liberty...'Only a democrat would understand!'

Shouldn't we end the Patriot Act, FEMA camp operations and rumors, big government covert secrecy, lobbying, drone strikes, preemptive war, troop escalations, attacks on internet freedom, Guantanamo Bay, Presidential kill lists, NAFTA, big banker/corporate welfare bailouts like TARP and the bogus 'stimulus' bills, highly systemized and technocratic state controls including healthcare mandates, 'drug wars' on nearly if not completely harmless natural substances like raw milk, cannabis, natural occurring vitamins, organic farming and agriculture and other such issues...?

Does the President spend your money they way you like?

Is a second term well deserved?

Shouldn't we get Monsanto (the creators of the notorious, cancerous, AGENT ORANGE.... and Round Up Pesticide Ready genetically engineered corn and soy)... shouldn't we get them out of the FDA?

Shouldn't we get Mars Candy Co out of the USDA?

Shouldn't we be getting these massive corporations out of the government agencies that are supposed to be regulating them?

Shouldn't we stop the Federal government from bailing out major, failing corporations like big banks, auto and mortgage companies with our tax dollars?

Should we not be getting this guy out of the government?

Shouldn't we get Johnson & Johnson and big pharma out of the AMA, DEA, USDA, FDA and other agencies...? Or perhaps the even better solution is to completely eliminate some of these bogus departments altogether... since it has become clear that they are really phony government agencies that sound like good things, but are actually created by corporate executives and their attorneys...?!!! Just a thought...

Should we not be preserving the constitutional rights of freedom of speech, economic freedom, social freedom, liberty, due process and authentic justice for all?

Shouldn't we get the Federal government out of the wasteful public education system and allow states to compete more in the methods and approaches used in education so that new innovations can be discovered and created?

Should we not reserve the rights to be free of religious and political rhetoric. Should we not have the right to disagree in public or to worship or not worship as we choose? Should we not learn the fundamental principles of liberty, tolerance, non aggression and non collectivism that allows us to live as independent, responsible and free thinking individuals with a compassion for each other and a mindset that teaches a can do attitude with positive influence based on fundamental principles that always come before the practice... such as a fundamental principle of social and economic freedom and liberty?