The startling truth about the American economy that most people just don't understand

What is easy money? What is easy credit? What are artificially low interest rates? What does socialist ideas, including massive wars, lead to?

When you give the government a bunch of money, the corporations move into the government and take over that big pot of gold... and that's the bottom if you don't want tyranny... remain as independent of government as you can and encourage others to do the same... that doesn't mean every little thing...but people have voted for money for free education and too much government healthcare and subsidies to energy and the biggest expense, war.... other big spending 'social' efforts that exist on the left and the right...and are sold to the creating the problem themselves in the first place... like 9/11, which you need to look much closer at!

The government has nothing and so it has to take something from someone else to give it to someone else.... and that someone else is probably not gonna be someone in need.... it's gonna mostly go to someone in a position of preexisting power! People must understand.... it's not the capitalism that's messed up the's the social efforts... they have put is into deep debt....$15 trillion...really more like $70 trillion... how did we create the much debt... ? We printed it right up... and now the dollar is inflated, students are a trillion in debt thanks to easy money student loans.

It was simply printed money that doesn't really mean anything other than it's value in this one economy which is on the verge of a total collapse and could one day be printing up $100 trillion bills that won't even buy a loaf of bread and we will be dependent on the welfare of other nations!

There's so much misunderstanding it's not even funny! It's sadly, very dangerous... the corporations control the congress right now.... and why is that..? Because there's always someone out there who's going to demand help from the big government ... the pseudo organization that always moves towards a nation of debt slavery.... just give everyone a bunch of IOU's.. or paper, fiat dollars!

Artificially low interest rates, easy money, easy loans, money that has no basis and actual resources like precious metals or real estate..but instead are just promises to pay....which will largely go unpaid by the people who took the loans and will largely fall on the people who worked the hardest...the middle class taxpayer!

We haven't had capitalism....we've had about 50% socialism....and that's the biggest part of the problem with our collapsing economy!

There's very few politicians that have even talked about or understand this in any way...Ron Paul is one of the very few politicians that even understands that! That's why he wants to investigate the Federal Reserve. Some would say they have committed the biggest heist on the U.S. economy off all time! Ron Paul has called for full audit of the federal reserve...others have agreed with him, but then they step away from the issue.

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