Why is marijuana illegal you ask

Why is marijuana illegal you ask

Because it's most profitable to the pseudo government entity crime racket called the DEA which is just a part of the CIA which runs the secret government and black ops and which enslaves and imprisons a large percentage of the population at some point in the lives of many and that only exist with your permission!

But in reality, the drug problem is mostly propaganda put out by drug enforcing and testing agencies, the legal industry, the prison system and the courts... BUREAUCRATS! Do you have to condone drug use just to condone drug legalization? No... that's like saying I condone smoking cigarettes or eating fast food! It's one thing if a person gets violent or aggressive...but that is an act of violence...don't let people start blaming drugs for their own actions...that's not really a good excuse or label!

Does the war on drugs work? Well America is the top drug using country so apparently something's not functioning right...    or is it?! Guess it just depends on which side of that coin you're on!


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