Why the GOP would rather have Obama than Paul in office

To understand Obama, we must first understand that Obama is aligned with the 'GOP'. Many of the GOP don't know it...and certainly most dems don't have a clue...but perhaps Obama is just another CIA project...he's related to George Bush, as is Romney and Cheney...and he's a neo con...he's pro war for profit...he's a product of the western industrial complex that promotes war, propaganda and drugs on an ultra massive scale!

A shadow government has taken over. We have moved into a fascist state, where corporations control the government. They promote a drug war racket for profit, they control the war overseas for profit, the control the manufactures of all the equipment that is sold to the arms dealers for profit...the economic hit men that go out and set up the policies that allow for the most profit.

The government is the source of the most monopolization...they promote fascism on a global scale and they give us mostly phony lives full of illusions of security that are largely based on our lack of independence. The more dependent we are, the bigger the government will become... the pseudo entity that has nothing and therefor must take something from you in order to create and enforce it's 'regulations' which gravitate towards perpetual debt...debt slavery...say no to big government and say yes to liberty!

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