Reasons why you should go libertarian

Think about it. Peace and prosperity for all. Send an example. Teach countries to fish, don't give them a fish. Why would we have our military in other countries if it wasn't profitable in some way? We wouldn't!! Are you profiting from it? I would guess the answer is probably no...unless you're a stockholder with Boeing, Remington or Lockheed Martin of course.

So ask and why should we, as taxpayers, support and pay for a war that we know was started on definite lies?Say no to war! A war has to have a clear objective...our objective is VERY MURKY! Do you know what the real reason is that we are in this country for 11 YEARS???  I mean come on... how long did WWII take? Think about it!! 

Ron Paul has the stance on social issues that is based in Christian values without alienating the more secular voter. He makes it possible for many liberals to fit in more comfortably with the largely conservative idea of personal responsibility. If you want to have liberals listen to your ideas of fiscal conservatism, you have to allow them room on the table and Ron Paul's approach does that. Share this message. Ask your friends to share it.

Tell everyone about this, because honestly, if you're anti Obama or just a conservative in general, I believe you really need to think about this. Not just to get Ron Paul in...which I think makes great sense when you really listen to what he has to say...but mainly to get Obama out....who we know is ruining things including the economy!!

Think about it people. If this matters to you, you need to make a firm decision to take action and SHARE THIS MESSAGE on Facebook as well. Make it go viral. You need to start voting for Ron Paul in all the polls you see, you need to make a strong push to promote him. Please consider this!! Don't let Obama take the election in 2012 because we picked someone who will likely lose a debate with Obama.

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