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URGENT message to everyone and especially all conservatives and republicans. I personally come from the left in terms of family background and upbringing. But as someone who believes in personal responsibility over government dependency, I have many conservative values that have developed. Now I don't want to argue or create any problems with my fellow friends on Facebook or anywhere else. I don't want to disenfranchise or alienate anyone...so please know that is not my intention in any way.

My hope is for this message to go viral and it can only happen with your support. I can't support Obama...he is hurting around badly. He's flipped flopped on so much like the drug war, the troop withdrawal, getting money out of politics, ending lobbying and corporate greed, standing up for Habeus Corpus...even allowing horse slaughter for human consumption, ending stimulus frauds. However, he's done the exact opposite of what he said he'd do on so many things. 

I don't see Obama doing  and has carried on Bush style tactics in his presidency. He's nobody to trust with your country. He protects corporations. After all, they got him elected and he's an attorney. Goldman Sachs is his main corporate supporter. But there are many others.

I just implore you to think seriously about this. Which GOP candidate is best suited to pull Obama's voters away from him in a head to head race...??

Think about it realistically. When it get's down to just 2 people, no conservative is going to even think about voting for Obama. The way things are going, they will go out and vote for any GOP candidate at this point...just to oust Obama!!

But if it's Obama Vs Perry/Gingrich/Romney/Cain/Bachman... you got to ask yourself, will one of those guys definitely stand a great chance to beat Obama....???? Remember, there's a lot of liberals out there still...look at OWS...!!! Do you think any of them will vote for any of those GOP candidates? NO!!!

I know you think a lot of dems are dissatisfied and dislike Obama, but the only candidate they will even consider voting for on the right would be Ron Paul...!!! Ron Paul realistically stands the best chance in a head to head race with Obama...I know many people don't want to hear this because they have their opinions and I know you may want to support
Perry, Gingrich, Romney, Bachmann, Huntsman or Santorum. But think about how passionate Ron Paul supporters are. There's good reasons for that.  Let's take this seriously and tell everyone you know, especially conservatives that they want a consistent, fiscal conservative that is not an absolutist but has a track record of sticking to principals.

You don't want an endless war against a tactic called terrorism. Terrorism is a tact and by definition cannot really ever be destroyed. To say that we're at war against terrorism is to imply that we are always scared of an unknown future event that can happen at any time. Going to war really doesn't solve anything. What has it really solved for us? We are going to pay for it for many years to come. Are you getting anything out of it other than a bunch of dead bodies. Is it really worth up to several hundred thousand dead civilians in the middle East just for us to catch one guy who never even admitted to actually committing the 9/11 attacks in the first place?

I know some people think foreign policy is a big issue...but the reason for that is because we are a welfare/warfare state. We really don't mind our own business. We keep printing up more money to send overseas. If we would have just kept that money, we could have much more bargaining power and we'd be much more independent. We wouldn't be borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from China, we wouldn't be printing up all these extra paper dollars causing massive inflation bubbles on housing, healthcare, social security, education, energy and food...in case you've noticed.

We don't have to be isolationist just to be conservative. Some people would say that conservative people are isolationists moreso by their very nature off being less altruistic in ways...so let's not call the kettle black. There is absolutely no need for a bunch of your own tax dollars to be paying for 900 military bases around the world, that's absurd! Would we ever tolerate a Chinese military base here in the states? No, absolutely not!

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  1. Thank you for continuing to support the message. Keep up the great work and if we keep on, people will get their head out of the sand and start to realize the truth