How to take care of the poor

Taking care of the poor - People should be encouraged to help the poor through private means more so, however, it doesn't mean we end the few major things like just food and some basic and immediate care, that's how the corporations get rich... through the private and public sector.

We need to limit that to the free market... not with a bunch of artificial government intervention.

Helping people with the basic minimums and cutting out all the biggest expenses, like a good slice of the military budget and the housing and education grants and loans...those have to end. Easy money and artificially low rates are what got everyone messed up and in debt.

Maybe a few of you slipped through those traps, but you are now a victim of a much more pervasive problem....mass inflation....which we are only at the edge of if we don't stop the spending and the printing of more paper money to give to whatever special interest is up next like the education, healthcare, some ethnic group, some science project, some defense project, some human experimentation or pharmaceutical project, some terrorism and war games project, some depopulation project!!

What the President needs to be doing is attracting capital and entrepreneurs to the US and giving them incentives to hire, not raising their taxes and regulating them so much, they can hardly operate.... because you all are dependent on them, you need jobs, you are mostly not independent and business are mindless job seekers who are telling all the opportunity seekers and risk takers that they owe you something for nothing.... the welfare state is the reason for the income divide.

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