Obama just told people what they wanted to hear

Obama straight up lied to you and everyone else to get elected....his words were 'you can take that to the bank' when he talked about a 16 month troop draw down... he just said what idiots wanted to hear... to get elected... and your dumb azz is over here defending him

Something's wrong with these people who don't see a problem just cuz they think Obama is so special...I didn't idolize Bush, I won't idolize Obama....they're both the same

I guess if you simply think in terms of a 2 party box. The way I see it, Ron Paul had to pick a major party for a real chance to get support again say Obama... he ran independent last time, didn't win, he's running repub this time cuz he is a fiscal conservative...so what about it? Just because he happens to be on republican party ticket and I happen to support someone on that ticket for once in my life, doesn't exactly make me a party republican... but you can choose to think within that box.

You all don't want to be handing over a bunch of private income over to the federal government, overall, where do you think that money's ultimately gonna end up...? In the hands of the wealthy and a few special interests groups. The administrators and CEOS of the schools, the military, the public housing sector, the health care industry, the corporations in general.

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