Do you believe these things?

If you're against corporate monopolies and bailouts on your tax dollars
If you're against preemptive war without a proper declaration from Congress
If you're against corporate/government collusion and control over society
If you don't want genetically modified foods on your store shelves
If you don't want high inflation on food, education, housing and energy prices
If you don't think America should physically force our lifestyle on other cultures
If you don't think any Federal bureaucrat should dictate your life
If you don't think corporations should be in bed with the government
If you don't think the government should have too much power over the people
If you understand the big governments can't properly define marriage
If you understand the big governments can't properly raise your children
If you understand the big governments can't properly teach right and wrong
If you believe in family and community values
If you believe in government transparency
If you believe in diversity of socioeconomic values such as culture and business
If you think that organizations should have to compete to earn your trust
If you believe strongly in freedom of speech and religion
If you think the President should resist taking too much power and control
If you think it makes sense to audit the Fed to reveal secret bailouts
If you want to get back to the common sense principles of freedom
If you understand that America is based on freedom from big government
If you realize that with $15 trillion+ in debt... we need to stop spending!
If you don't want to live in a nation of debt slavery
If you believe in independence and responsibility
If you realize that you're not entitled to someone else's property upon birth
If you don't want the government to babysit you from cradle to grave
If you understand private property and ownership rights
If you believe you own ownership over your property before the State does
If you believe in personal freedom of choice
If you believe you can raise your child better than the government can
If you want to support the majority of America's troops
If you understand the principles of peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty
If you don't want to experience the tyranny that big government has brought to nations like the Philippines, Japan, The Soviet Union, China, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many other places...
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corporate monopolies, corporate bailouts


  1. It's a shame that if you agree with this list you are considered a threat. And somehow they say we are hated for our freedom...

  2. If they hate us for our freedom they should really like us now!