How bureaucracy works

America has the FDA, but have the worlds highest rate of obesity, we have the DEA and have the worlds highest rate of drug use, we have the TAA and we just had the worlds worst terrorist attack ever involved jumbo jet airliners, we have the FCC, yet we have the most conglomerated media sources in the world with only 5 main media corporations.

We have the USDA, yet we have meat recalls like the recent arsenic/chicken discovery...every few months or even weeks. We have the DOE, yet we have some of the lowest test scores and highest education cost in the developed world. We have HUD, yet we have the worst mortgage/housing crises in recorded history.... we have the FEMA, yet thousands still died in Katrina and 9/11....we have a DOD, but then our country is constantly in a preemptive war..... do you see a problem trend here??!!

The middle class are being reamed and ripped off in a way that you all don't even realize....the US is surely being extracted of it's real wealth.... you're just being given a piece of paper called the dollar.... look at Zimbabwe, they gave of capitalism for socialism because they believed their government's social promises.... so did the Philippines... and they both now have massive inflation and are utterly poor and barely feed themselves...many do not, where they were much stable before.... go for RON PAUL in 2012.... don't make that mistake of believing flip floppers like Obama and Bush and Romney and Gingrich and all those career politician/attorney/CEO types....elect someone who wants to actually downsize major bureaucracy.

how bureaucracy works

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