How industrial complexes can create monopolies

I'm all for helping people...but have faith in people, not government, rich people want to help, I've rarely had any significant help from a poor person in my times of need... most of the poor people taught me thing that kept me poor, I made money learning from rich people...not wealthy elite types but hard working class people that made a good chunk.... those are the people that have given me the most fish and taught me how to fish the most....most poor people are teaching you how to be a follower.... so it's not that poor people are bad, it's just that many of them are infected with a mental disease of dependence... at least in a society like America, which should be more capitalistic so that you have more opportunity, but the reality is the the government intervention is only causing a lot of the monopolies we are seeing....the big government being the biggest one.

Look I know what you're thinking that sounds harsh, some idiots child, but you got to understand there's a perspective that says I didn't get to go to college for whatever reasons, largely my responsibility of course, but overall, if I don't use the college system, why should I pay for it...and how does a federal mandate on education prove they are getting good educations if our system is badly failing?

Colleges charge a fortune because they big government is footing the bill, but since big government doesn't really have anything, it has to take something from me and you. Education should be left mainly to the private market.

 Education quality is declining quite a bit in this country it's because the government has their hands all over the education system

I think it's great really that civilians from different nations can actually get on here and have a real, live discussion about what's going on in the politics of our nations, this is how you decipher the real news from the propaganda in some ways got to be critical, but also read between the lines, I think overall, we are getting a clear message here....our leadership is making some very bad choices and needs to be reshaped.

We need to stop supporting the establishments. We need to become independent of them, they don't want that, but that's what we must push for every day more and more, to break the system down, to shake the fleas and ticks away that eat at us everyday, the bureaucrats, politicians, CEOs and general movers and shakers, but you must outwork them, you must out lead them, you must make a decision to take control, start you won following, your own movement towards more independents, while still maintaining patriotism, but a much better guided and critical patriotism....not a blind patriotism. Our society will be much stronger and we don't have to have war all the time, it's fake. 

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