How Obama cares about the poor

Look... even if you're a democrat, just keep an open mind here. If Obama gave a rat's azz about a poor person, he wouldn't be focused on wealth redistribution or 'taxing the rich' and all this nonsense...he's just blowing hot smoke up your butt... he ain't taxing the super elite anyways...the corporations that are currently paying no taxes.... in fact, he's still subsidizing them. In other words, the IRS is giving those corporations billions of your tax dollars...and then they fail... because bureaucrats don't create business and jobs.

Bureaucrats can't spend your money better than you can...then can't invest it better. They are over privileged college kids that got a big government education on your dollar and they think they know how to nurture you and they can tell you what time to go to bed at night and when to change your child's diaper and such.

They don't have drive and desire and passion to get things done right the first time. The don't have no skin in the game. They're doing all their fun and games and social experiments on you and the people you care about... with your own money!

If Obama really cared about the poor, he's make sure that all smaller and medium sized businesses had less nonsense red tape and regulations to worry about so that they can actually grow and compete and hire new workers, since it's well known that smaller and medium sized businesses are the biggest employers in America. This way people have jobs and freedom and real lives... not welfare checks and food stamps. Not the dark veil of socialism, communism or even fascism.

Doesn't make sense that if you want a diverse commerce sector, you're going to allow for competition and free market principles to play out so that the economy can truly evolve and become stronger? You can't nurture life in a lab better than mother nature does on it's own.

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