We're $15 trillion in debt, where's the money gonna come from?

We're $15 trillion in debt... where's the money gonna come from?

Actually more like $50 trillion+ debt when you account for future SS and Medicare obligations. Aside from that, The Constitution gives the Federal government no authority to manage and centralize the economy, for a good reason. Because it leads to centralized, potentially tyrannical and fascist control.

The corporations tend to hijack the regulations and so they create monopolies for those companies in the market place and with subsidies and grants and other forms of easy government money and easy loans, they create all that legislation. Most of the help doesn't actually go to those people that need it.

It's not about leaving the poor to die and all that the way some people make it sound. It's more about allowing for more of a competitive, freer, more diverse market...instead of regulations that largely cut competitors of an industry, making it harder for smaller and medium sized businesses to start up.

The more mandates there are, the harder it is for the average, everyday citizen to compete in the marketplace. So that there could be reduction in the cost of healthcare for example. That's what competition in a free market does for us.

If we leave it up to the state...as we have, then healthcare quality will go down and cost will go up. I'm sure most sources will agree that we have. It's undeniable that healthcare inflation is 2-4 times the average rate. Think about the costs of many procedures that can actually be performed for much less. But hey, since the government or even the insurance company is paying for it...what does it matter?

They can then just jack up the price to whatever. That's what many doctors will think....just because they're in business too. They need to be competitive, not subsidized.

Abolishing medicare and social security is not Ron Paul's intention, although he does see it as not being Constitutional, which makes sense....because the Constitution was meant to prevent the kind of tyrannical government that existed back in Britain. It was meant to restrain government control.....so that we can continue to have the right to free speech.

Philosophically though... how do we just have the right to someone else's property upon birth? Isn't there an overall principle of responsibility? Shouldn't we have a system that does call for some responsibility? Should we just offer free healthcare to everyone? Where does it stop? Should people be taught that the government is going to take care of them from cradle to grave....? Is it helpful to people to teach them a mindset of dependence?

Anyways, Alicia, you really have to listen much closer and really watch more than just say one or two videos on the topic.
Here's a little more on that issue.... it's gonna end either way... we need to make some cuts from the military spending so that we can prevent throwing people out on the streets or abolishing Medicare... you just need to really look into the issue the way I see it.

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