Join the freedom movement, while you're still free to do so

Join the cause of liberty.... we're fighting major corporations on all sides of politics here... we're fighting all the corporations who are subsidized and allowed free reign by the government.

The corporations that have taken over the government in the name of a global government that seeks to remove our diversities and freedoms. You see that we have a massive following already... and surely more actual supporters among informed voters than any other candidate...however, we can never have to many people speaking out. The corruption is deep and Ron Paul is tearing away at the thick, greasy layer of bureaucracy and corporate government.

He's like soap in the dishpan... he's breaking up all the greasy bureaucracy. But he needs your help, he needs a snowball effect, gather all friends and family and have them listen to what he says on Youtube or his rallies or quotes and I truly believe that the more you listen, the more it will sink in... RON PAUL 2012!

Ron Paul is winning!!! Forget cronies like Obama/Romney.... they are both mostly the same, 
both bailed out big banks... that's definitely not conservative... and I don't think it's what a genuine liberal had in mind either... giving tax dollars to bureaucratic corporations... that's just plain straight up stupid... that's just straight up fascist!!!

CBS News research is saying that Obama, Romney, Bush and Cheney are all in the same family coat of arms.

Now is the time to stand up and start raising awareness more than ever!!!! Don't let up, don't believe anything negative, we are in it to win it! Keep doing everything you can to infiltrate the system! Be bold... it's time for Ron Paul!!!

Democrats and republicans... I spend the time to write this and tell you... it really doesn't matter if you vote for Romney or Obama... they are both literally related to George Bush and when you look at their record... they mostly vote the same and mostly agree.

While you're at it, get your friends on Ron Paul so they can see what it's all about!

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