You are disappointed with Obama and I know how you feel

You feel greatly disappointed by Obama and you realize he's a corporate shill, so what do you do?

I know how you feel, you feel it's hard to choose. But I think you just want to go on Youtube and look up Ron Paul and really research details to the few main issues you care about the most and just really make sure you know where he stands... that's all I can really say.

There's so many issues with's hard, because to me, his supports are the very same people who he's effecting in a negative way the most!

He's restricting rights and creating bureaucracy and protection corporate monopolies. To dems, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's very dangerous the way it looks to me.

We the people are losing control. Soon the government will be beyond overthrowing if we are not careful.

If we do not make a clear cut decision to vote for personal and economic freedom. We have gone way to far in the wrong direction. These are just some thoughts of mine. I've always felt this way.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that not only came across as honest about his answers. When I really dig deep, I can truly say that overall, I feel I agree with probably 90% of his perspective and views....perhaps more...his principles just make too much sense when you analyze a myriad of facts... like abolishing the Fed. It's known that the Fed has made several secret, multi trillion dollar corporate bailouts... (corporate welfare)... and he wants to audit and possibly abolish the Fed.

Why don't people want to audit the Fed? Because they're just plain stupid. I don't see anything wrong with that....and don't see how a single taxpaying citizen would if they sat down and really thought about it....but until then, the media will spin it like it's a silly idea.... or that not looking for war is a crazy foreign policy... like there's just so much.

I imagine if you voted for probably can't stand the idea of a 'republican'... I know how you feel... that's how I felt... especially with Bush....but then I realized there's good democrats and good republicans... and you can't discount neither....they're both right and both wrong in many ways.... but that's the problem...the current 'party' is trying to divide us while they end up agreeing on all these ways in which to tax and spend our money. That should be kept at a bare minimum.

We should belong more to ourselves that we do to the state!!

Ron Paul 2012!

disappointment with obama

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