An immediate and urgent message to all conservatives, republicans and GOP supporters

An URGENT message to all conservatives and republicans.

You may or may not agree...all that I encourage is just keeping an open mind here and hearing it out.

I personally come from the left in terms of family background and upbringing, but as someone who believes in personal responsibility over government dependency, I have many conservative values that have developed. Now I don't want to argue or create any problems with my fellow friends on Facebook or anywhere else. I don't want to disenfranchise or alienate anyone, so please know that is not my intention in any way.

If you're like me, you know Obama is dangerous to America's I highly encourage you to send this message to everyone you know... share it on Facebook and send the link in an email to friends.

My hope is for this message to go viral and it can only happen with your support. I can't support Obama. He is hurting around badly. He's flipped flopped on so much like the drug war, the troop withdrawal, getting money out of politics, ending lobbying and corporate greed, standing up for Habeus Corpus...even allowing horse slaughter for human consumption, ending stimulus frauds...he's done the exact opposite of what he said he'd do on so many things.

I don't see Obama doing anything different and he has carried on Bush style tactics in his presidency. Some would say that he's nobody to trust with your country and that he protects corporations. After all, they got him elected and he's an attorney. Goldman Sachs is his main corporate supporter, but there are many others.

I just implore you to think seriously about this. Which GOP candidate is best suited to pull Obama's voters away from him in a head to head race...?

Think about it realistically. When it get's down to just 2 people, no conservative is going to even think about voting for Obama the way things are going...they will go out and vote for any GOP candidate at this point...just to oust Obama!!

But if it's Obama Vs Santorum/Perry/Gingrich/Romney/Cain/ got to ask yourself, will one of those guys definitely stand a great chance to beat Obama....?? Remember, there's a lot of liberals out there still...look at OWS...! Do you think any of them will vote for any of those GOP candidates? NO WAY!!! But many would consider voting for Paul.

I know you think a lot of people dislike Obama, but the only candidate they will even consider voting for on the right would be Ron Paul...! Ron Paul realistically stands the best chance in a head to head race with Obama when just use common sense.

I know many people don't want to hear this because they have their opinions and I know you may want to support Perry/Gingrich/Romney/Bachman/Huntsman/Santorum. But think about how much most of them flip flop and turn liberals away in general based on their hardliner positions on social issues. Let's take this seriously and tell everyone you know, especially conservatives that they want a consistent, fiscal conservative that is not an absolutist but has a track record of sticking to principals.

You don't want an endless war against a tactic called terrorism. Terrorism is a tact and by definition cannot really ever be destroyed. To say that we're at war against terrorism is to imply that we are always scared of an unknown future event that can happen at any time.

Going to war really doesn't solve anything. What has it really solved for us? We are going to pay for it for many years to come. Are you getting anything out of it other than a bunch of dead bodies. Is it really worth up to several hundred thousand dead civilians in the middle East just for us to catch one guy who never even admitted to actually committing the 9/11 attacks in the first place?

I know some people think foreign policy is a big issue...but the reason for that is because we are a welfare/warfare state. We really don't mind our own business. We keep printing up more money to send overseas. If we would have just kept that money, we could have much more bargaining power and we'd be much more independent. We wouldn't be borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from China, we wouldn't be printing up all these extra paper dollars causing massive inflation bubbles on housing, healthcare, social security, education, energy and case you've noticed.

We don't have to be isolationist just to be conservative. Some people would say that conservative people are isolationists moreso by their very nature off being less altruistic in let's not call the kettle black. There is absolutely no need for a bunch of your own tax dollars to be paying for 900 military bases around the world, that's absurd! Would we ever tolerate a Chinese military base here in the states? No, absolutely not!

Think about it. Peace and prosperity for all. Send an example. Teach countries to fish, don't give them a fish. Why would we have our military in other countries if it wasn't profitable in some way? We wouldn't!! Are you profiting from it? I would guess the answer is probably no...unless you're a stockholder with Boeing, Remington or Lockheed Martin of course.

So ask and why should we, as taxpayers, support and pay for a war that we know was started on definite lies?Say no to war! A war has to have a clear objective...our objective is VERY MURKY! Do you know what the real reason is that we are in this country for 11 YEARS???  I mean come on... how long did WWII take? Think about it!!

Ron Paul has the stance on social issues that is based in Christian values without alienating the more secular voter. He makes it possible for many liberals to fit in more comfortably with the largely conservative idea of personal responsibility. If you want to have liberals listen to your ideas of fiscal conservatism, you have to allow them room on the table and Ron Paul's approach does that. Share this message. Ask your friends to share it.

Can Romney really beat Obama....?? That's a good question... think about the fact that the GOP is pushing a guy who lost to a guy who lost to Obama in 2008. You may say the same thing about someone like Ron Paul...but the fact is, the GOP never promoted him and they certainly don't want him now. They say it's because of foreign policy that the GOP doesn't like, but in fact, I would be willing to be if Ron Paul ran as a democrat, he's have the same problems being promoted by the party. Neither side likes him, because perhaps both major parties are really a part of the same overall establishment. Goldman Sachs is a major corporation that supported Obama's election and now supports the Romney campaign. Why would they support both candidates? Because they want to win either way. They are the corporate candidates and they will do anything to win. They will cheat.

Tell everyone about this, spread the word everywhere...pass this message on to all concerned voters, because honestly, if you're anti Obama or just a conservative in general, I believe you really need to think about this. It's not just to get Ron Paul in...which I think makes great sense when you really listen to what he has to say...but mainly to get Obama out....who we know is ruining things including the economy!

Think about it people. If this matters to you, you need to make a firm decision to take action and SHARE THIS MESSAGE on Facebook as well. Make it go viral. You need to start voting for Ron Paul in all the polls you see, you need to make a strong push to promote him. Please consider this!! Don't let Obama take the election in 2012 because we picked someone who will likely lose a debate with Obama.

The most consistent, non absolutist, truly economically knowledgeable candidate from my perspective is Dr. Paul...the true fiscal conservative that will bring the bubbles under control. Stop/reduce the welfare/warfare state and bailouts and massive war budget. Stop the massively failing education subsidizing. People need to earn their educations.

Remember when college cost $5,000 a year? Now it cost $25,000 a year and America is strapped with $1 trillion in student loan debt...that's insane. We that tax payers will pay for that...and many of those kids will be spoiled with a college ticket paid for on the backs of tax paying working class people, many of which didn't even go to college! Isn't that sick?

The other candidates have their marits. But they are not getting to the real heart of the issue... the economy. As far as Ron Paul, if you're unsure or think you definitely don't agree with him on things, I encourage you to take another close look just in case you missed some things he has said...please Youtube Ron on each issue you care about and see what he has to say.

Don't just go with who the media says is going to win...prove them wrong and go with who you actually agree with. Every other candidate wants a ton of federal you really want all that absurd debt.

Aren't you tired of major corporations and government bureaucracies going without audit and investigation for spending our tax and consumer dollars in ways that we would highly disagree with?!

Let's be fiscally conservative!!! I implore you to keep and open mind, like and share this message if it make some sense and nominate Paul Vs. Obama 2012!

Please like and share and may all be greatly blessed with abundance, peace and prosperity!

I've never even thought about supporting a republican before. I feel that I'm mostly a liberal, but I don't think you have to be irresponsible just to be one.

For me, I'm anti war, anti corporate welfare state, anti inflation, I do think that perhaps the federal government shouldn't put blanket legislation on most moral issues like abortion, marriage or the drug war, I do see that the drug war is failed, I see that students are $1 trillion in debt with little job growth and somewhere from 10-25%.

I believe the less irresponsible that we act, the more we ask the government for help, the more powerful they become, the more demand there is for them to play mom and dad and cradle you and make you do things you may not agree with...altho the difference is that the big government overall cares very little for you as an individual. The big government stereotypes you and makes you what you are.

I see the printing of more money as being likely the main contributor to the encyclopedias and surely most sensible economists will tell you. Printing too many dollars lowers their value, so we need to end or at the very least audit and restrict the FED. I also see that the military is costing a fortune...and the money is ultimately ending up in the hands of no bid private contractors who do jobs for the big government.

I see the golden rule not being practiced well overseas or even domestically, I am very concerned about people having the right to a fair trial (Habeus Corpus)...I think that people should mostly have personal freedom of choice as long as they are not using aggression or coercive behavior... so that's all I'm saying..

Personally, for me, I'm anti war, anti corporate welfare state, anti inflation, I do think that perhaps the fed shouldn't put blanket legislation on things like abortion, marriage or the drug war, I do see that the drug war is failed, I see that students are $1 trillion in debt with little job growth and somewhere from 10-25%.

We may all have our individual opinions on all these different issues, but surely we can all agree for the most part that we want freedom from tyranny!!

If you agree, please forward this link or this message to everyone you know, especially conservatives.

We all need to work together, but we also need to fight the status quo so that we can restore liberty back to what our founders intended it to be.

If you feel the same need that I do...
If you feel the same urgency that I do...
Share this message everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many other ways! Let's get in it to win it!!

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