Reasons why democrats are leaving Obama

Liberals and democrats are leaving Obama. You don't want Obama I can't support Obama anymore. I have to let him go. He's way too shady and way too corrupt. Anyone who reappoints all the Bush guys that he had a change to remove....that's ridiculous. He's just as bad, if not worse than these republicans, which I know sounds crazy, because I come from the left and never ever thought I would vote on the right.

I don't want any other repubs really, but this time, after this last 4 years, I'd almost rather have an incompetent republican than this shyster Obama....just can't trust him at all anymore.... if they're gonna go to war, at least they don't usually pretend to be peace candidate. So many reasons for disappointment. He lied to liberal democrats about the drug war, the mid east war, the troop withdrawal, the horse slaughter ban. He hasn't gotten money out of politics in anyway and he's advancing the warfare/welfare state and it's causing massive inflation through the social fronts like education and healthcare. It's such a shame that most people are naive and it's hard for them to see this, they just think of helping the poor...that's good, but that's not even the issue!

Obama's just gonna keep taxing you, the poor and the middle and upper middle class. You're the ones that are gonna get screwed paying for everyone else...not so much the poor, but the lazy rich and lazy poor. The poor will get a little food and some healthcare and the super rich will get huge tax rebates and benefits of all kinds, while middle and working class works and works and works for decades paying nearly half of their income if not more at some point directly to taxes to be used from every other special interest group but you.

What he needs to be doing is attracting capital and entrepreneurs to the US and giving them incentives to hire, not raising their taxes and regulating them so much, they can hardly operate.... because you all are dependent on them, you need jobs, you are mostly not independent and business are mindless job seekers who are telling all the opportunity seekers and risk takers that they owe you something for nothing.... the welfare state is the reason for the income divide.

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  1. I am a dem that left Obama. I volunteered for his campaign and worked nearly 24/7 to get him in. I will not vote for him again because he is Bush 3. Plain and simple, he has strayed toooooooooo far from the constitution and I CANNOT vote Romney or Santorum as one IS Obama and the other is just crazy. Ron Paul is the ONLY one running that I can support in good conscience EVEN if I have to write him in. There are a whole lot of folks that are with me on this and if the Republican party wants to get our voted in November , we WILL NOT hold our noses and vote Romney. We will write in Paul if he does not run 3rd party. Regards a ticked off Dem that changed to vote FOR Paul.

    1. My Dear Housewife,

      From the opposite end of the political spectrum I come to meet you at the same conclusion. Ron Paul 2012! As one who was too conservative for Ronald Reagan, I have abandoned the Republocrats and become a Ron Paul Libertarian. Many of my liberal friends are abandoning the Demlicans and becoming Ron Paul Libertarians. Even moderates are fleeing the idiocy of the two identical parties and voting for freedom. A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!

      A Republican No More in Miami.