Think outside the party

Quit classifying yourself along party lines...
there's stupid dems and stupid repubs! 
Quit calling Obama criticizers racist!
Many of us are the very same people
who were the most vocal against Bush!!

I don't like either one, but that's because they are related and largely in agreement with each other ! Bush stole the election once....Obama didn't have to, everyone was ready for the platform he proposed...too bad it was all just to get elected!

Notice he's doing the same thing now! All this sudden, right before election, he's talking about shrinking the government and the military and helping people in the housing market and all that...guaranteed that will all change as soon as he is reelected...he will do nothing in that direction...he will go to war with Iran and you will be crying down the road that these guys spent all your money!

You think Bush and his cronies stole the election...and what... you don't think they might have tried it again? They did...with Obama... the perfect image...he will shut up the peace movement and the leftist! And sure enough...he did!

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