Taxing the rich heavily can sometimes lead to more problems than it solves

Taxing the rich will only make the situation will only be that much more money for special interest. There's really only a select few American's getting in on the big pie...the corporation...THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. You are a piece of property.... the birth certificate is the title of ownership.

It all goes back to the queen, you are her inventory. You were actually delivered as goods in the form of your birth certificate into the 'waters' of the British ports, meaning you are a citizen of theirs and they own you.
That's what your taxes are about. They just put out some food stamps and basic health care plans and they use the rest of the money to fight their wars. After all Afghanistan is own by the British.Why do you think we invaded them first...? We're being used...and our dollar is being greatly weakened!

Your taxes are being used against you. I'd rather have the average American have their money than some war criminal to get half of it. Even if I was desperate, I'd rather go without a little than to be giving 50% of our money to war like we are now. Right now we're being robbed in a major way, most people have no understanding of inflation and economics it seems and that's the problem. They don't get it, our country is going to be on it's way to being bought out and destroyed if we spend much more.

Some would say Obama doesn't care about you. He doesn't think about you at night. He doesn't lose sleep thinking 'Oh poor homeless children, let's go help them' he thinks 'Yeaaaahhhh....I'm part of the 1 percent fool'

The big thing is so many people are just totally blind to the fact that the social efforts of the government which include mostly things like war, healthcare, housing and education...they end up messing up the society. Kids would get college loans, get massively in debt and many of them don't get the job they expected or didn't make any great income.

Most people that are really successful achieved their success for reasons other than their degree. Many have degrees, but that just creates a false image in many ways. It is watered down and doesn't mean what it used to. Every other person has a business degree, so it's nothing special, you might make a little more than someone without a degree for creates a false class structure.

Perhaps the free market is a better solution for keeping prices down and diversity of choice and selection up. The rich should certainly pay their share of taxes, at the same time, we don't want to scare job creators out of the country. This is supposed to be a nation of individual liberty, freedom and property rights. Restore liberty in the U.S. Government.

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