Who Is The Most Consistent Candidate?

The most consistent, non absolutist, truly economically knowledgeable candidate from my perspective is Dr. Paul...the true fiscal conservative that will bring the bubbles under control. Stop/reduce the welfare/warfare state and bailouts and massive war budget. Stop the massively failing education subsidizing.

People need to earn their educations. Remember when college cost $5,000 a year? Now it cost $25,000 a year and America is strapped with $1 trillion in student loan debt...that's insane. We that tax payers will pay for that...and many of those kids will be spoiled with a college ticket paid for on the backs of tax paying working class people, many of which didn't even go to college! Isn't that sick?

The other candidates have their marits. But they are not getting to the real heart of the issue... the economy. As far as Ron Paul, if you're unsure or think you definitely don't agree with him on things, I encourage you to take another close look just in case you missed some things he has said...please Youtube Ron on each issue you care about and see what he has to say. Don't just go with who the media says is going to win...prove them wrong and go with who you actually agree with. Every other candidate wants a ton of federal spending...do you really want all that absurd debt.

Aren't you tired of major corporations and government bureaucracies going without audit and investigation for spending our tax and consumer dollars in ways that we would highly disagree with?!

Let's be fiscally conservative! I implore you to keep and open mind, like and share this message if it make some sense and nominate Paul Vs. Obama 2012!!!

Please like and share and may all be greatly blessed with abundance, peace and prosperity!

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