Where half of your taxes dollars are really going

53% of every tax dollar goes to the defense budget!

And not to mention that $1.7 trillion black budget that they're doing who knows what with!

That's tax and spend policy at it's finest! And then what happens?

Massive inflation. Think about it.... the military contractors know that the governments paying for everything...they lobby politicians to vote for the war bills and they make a killing.

After all, the government's paying for everything..or like when colleges get a billion dollars in subsidies... do you think that really educates kids...?

Think about it...we have some of the lower school grades of the developed world....we have the FDA...and obesity has only increased since then...we have the DEA....drug rates have gone up....we have the TSA....yet several failed bomb attempts have gotten past security...we have the FCC...yet Family Guy and Adult Swim make up the average cartoon on TV these days!

Look at the quality of the media here! We have the department of energy....yet we got $4 gas and energy rates have gone up by about 30% across the board in recent years....same with education, the obligation to SS and medicare....all subsidized by fake money...that doesn't exist and is only a debt!

where tax dollars are going


  1. Is that actually defense? Or is it just support of whatever the military industrial complex wants, conveniently tucked into the category of "Defense"?

  2. Fighting Ronpaulians is not not ez or cheap!

  3. Why/or who would one want to fight "Ronpaulians"? Maybe; some one believes our government does not waste any money and needs more taxes from it's citizens? Some one who doesn't believe the constitution is worth fighting for? Some one who thinks all elected officials are out fighting FOR their representatives instead of trying to make a comfortable retirement for them selves? Some one who believes more taxes will solve the debt crises, or doesn't believe there is a debt crises. Surely any citizen with common sense, who wants a future USA would want to fight for Ron Paul to be president. Would they?