Obama's snoops, cronies and bureaucrats

Right now...Obama's hiring thousands of IRS auditors...and believe me...they won't be going after the 1%.... they're hired by the 1%

Obama just appointed like 10 Goldman Sachs execs to positions within the federal agencies.

He also appointed Michael Taylor of Monsanto to head the FDA. I would think that would scare the hell out of anyone .... that knows the Monsanto rep...! Let's spend time railing against that...since that's the one in power!

Ron Paul is talking about bringing troops home so we're not blowing up little kids in foreign countries to get oil and buy military gear from GE and Jack Welch who just came on TV today pandering to Ron Paul supporters trying to get us to support Romney, his Goldman Sachs candidate of choice on the right....so that he can head up against Obama...who they know will lose to Obama, but just in case he wins, at least he's a GS candidate and will do their bidding for the most part!

I mean think about it... the gop is supporting a guy who lost to a guy who lost to Obama in 2008.... the GOP wants Obama.... Bill Crystal wants Obama, Cheney wants his cousin Obama in office, so does Bush Sr.

Obama is a CIA insider, he is a CIA creation, he protects the black budget and hires cronies! Let's spend time getting rid of that... heck at this point, you might as well at least try Romney, Obama signed NDAA and ACTA...so we know he's headed in the wrong direction....you have nothing to lose, but I say support RP, because they way we see it, it's RP vs Goldman Sachs this year!

Just look up Obama top contributors and same with Romney!

Goldman Sachs is picking your Prez... it's a rigged election...we need a landslide! Sure you know that Bush elections were rigged.... what do you think.. they totally stopped that? No.... there's a heavy media bias against Paul....military contractors absolutely don't want him to win.

That's why Jack Welch is freaking out and going on TV saying how repubs need to treat RP supporters with great respect and he's the kind of person that calls RP's foreign policy ideas so crazy.... because....they aren't profitable to his company!

What is profitable to him is to expand the military and the entire war and selling all his junk wares to you...the American tax payer...and so America has $15 trillion in immediate debt...but really much higher.... but do you think people like Jack Welch....or Obama are in debt? No.... they are the 1%...! Send this to your friends and family and help them to become more aware.

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