Principles of free market speech, education, healthcare, housing and more

People don't understand the free market. They don't understand the principles of a free market educational system that may have some issues sure, however, goes along with the fundamentals of freedom of speech.

Money is a way of expressing ideas. So if you are to have true freedom of speech, you must have a truly free market economy. To regulate the economy is like regulating or censoring freedom of speech. To create regulations in the economy saying that you can't donate or create certain types of groups for instance has monopolizing affects, largely for the government itself.

For example, when a public school system is provided, the child learns what the state wants the child to learn. It's not a truly free market education. Plus, since the government is paying for it, the quality goes down and the price goes up. This is way vouchers to parents and their home states can provide an alternative...but also home schooling and other methods. You may not agree with them, but as an objective society, we should have the right to see them all and how effective they may or may not actually be.

Once you create a universal, governmental education, health or housing create regimented, state run systems that are dependency oriented and cause a shortage of services to large masses of people... such as FEMA, HUD, FDA, NSA, TSA etc etc. For instance, if pilots had permission to have a hand gun in the cockpit on 9/11...we could have seen if it would have been effective in resisting the hijacking. Same thing with education. If a teacher or parent at least has the right to try some different, free market approaches, then there can be more experimentation in practice and more innovative ideas can come up.

The regulations that we see in all fields of industry are largely created by corporations, special interest groups and their attorneys. In these situations, the monolithic big government assumes a parenting role with 'standards' that remove the fundamentals of liberty. The pilot is now not allowed to defend himself in what may seem a sensible manner, the teacher is now not allowed to teach children in what may seem a sensible manner, the contractor is not able to build a home on a piece of property in the most sensible manner because of some kind of bureaucratic red tape. Some 'regulation' imposed by someone who has ulterior motives.

The big government now assumes the parenting role. It assumes that it's standards and regulations can make a better decision than a person who is on location having personal, first hand experience. The government now assumes that it can raise your children better than you can and can decide what health care treatment or plan you need better than you and your own family doctor.

The government officials and their cronies often offer regulations that sound good, but are actually creating monopolies and protecting certain businesses and industries from competition and failure. Largely a competition for your mind...which is they way it should be... if there was no competition for your mind, you would have no choices to make and no critical thinking to do. Join us in the revolution!!!

free market principles

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