The fight for liberty is never won... only maintained

The fight for liberty is not over nor will it ever be! Quit acting like you're done telling people about corporations in our government and social engineering schemes, central planning and monolithic conspiracies, excessive centralized taxation, artificially low interest rates, easy money loans, grants and subsidies for corporate and special interests that go to exclusive private contractors to the government in exchange for political favors.

eep gnashing teeth with the Lindsey Grahams, McCains, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes and other CFR international cronies... let's crush this statist philosophy of non voluntaryism, overblown welfare state in many areas, including the military budget... let's get back to our roots...let's get back to liberty!! :)

The first step to being objective and honest about it in my opinion is to say that you are willing to accept the truth either way regardless of bias. Just be willing to honestly review the information in full. That's just the way I'm seeing it and I apologize if that seems offensive... but seriously... I mean.... did you not watch it on live TV that fateful morning of September 11th, 2001?!

Some would say your government has set up a cabal... an inner agency of crime... so pervasive, it has accumulated so much of the people's wealth and power through centralized banking, currency manipulation and debt... it can now openly commit an act of terror like 9/11 on it's own people and actually get away with it... and some citizens can be so elucidated by the 'luxuries' of the western world that they refuse to accept the truth for what it is... what kind of zombie nation have we become? What are we going to do about it?

I implore you to take advantage of the information age and the technology we have to get the message out there that this crony system of false capitalism is not really the kind of capitalism intended in the US Constitution. Let's restore freedom, let's restore liberty!

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