Many Conservatives Don't Want to Attack Obama Supporters

Ok, It's hard for me to imagine that people don't see this perspective, but I do feel maybe a lot of people simply don't get a chance to really think about it. Now hear me out on this... this is not like your typical right wing perspective, although, at least on the surface for some people, it will possible appear so. This is not a racist rant. This is not a personal attack. This is not hatred for liberals or democrats. This is not an attack on people who are in need or want to help poor.

Now you're simply going to have to hear this out! What this is is an attack on the global elite top perhaps around .01 percent who it is highly rumored have plans to construct the world in a way that is safe for them and their families but that put everyone else into a sort of 'confinement' or slavery if you will.

These people may stop at nothing to fool you. They will surely put out all kinds of fake politicians... like George Bush... the fake conservative who expanded the hell out of big government in general on a large scale. 

How about Obama? Can we really call him a liberal in any real sense of the word? Has he genuinely helped the 'poor'? Now don't just think I'm asking this because I hate the 'left' or something. This is an independent perspective. Let's just look for the truth regardless of our preexisting bias!

Think about it like this for just a minute...regardless of how you feel... just keep an open mind!

Obama doesn't challenge or hold Bush accountable for anything in any real way. Obama is a free ride for Bush.

Obama is related to Bush and overall, Obama mostly votes just like Bush. They both support or certainly aren't opposed to much of our foreign policy expansion and invasion, the activities of the NSA, the TSA and the DEA, with some exception. Overall, Obama might as well be George Bush. In order to support Obama, one has to assume the Bush told them the truth about everything. Obama apparently spends your money covering up Bush war crimes. You have Google...   Do the research!

Obama has done NOTHING highly different from Bush. Also, Obama certainly has nothing to do with challenging 9/11 or any of these questions in any way whatsoever.
If you raise questions, the mainstream headline response is that you're a 'conspiracy theorist' or a 'racist', when in reality, you're just a physicist....   and you have simple questions that are simply not being answered or adding up. You are the 'bad guy'...which seems awkward, but since Obama has been the new face of big government in the US, you can't really speak out without those labels being hurled at you.

After 8 years of the atrocious state expansionist and potentially highly criminal Bush. It would seem that naive drinkers of whatever politicians spew somehow think that Obama is an 'outsider' or a newcomer or the 'first black President' when in reality, Obama is an agent of corporate finance capital and he was put in there to cover up everything Bush started.

Obama works for same group of globalists as Bush... they are both members of the CFR. They both supported TARP banker and speculator bailouts and even GM bailouts I believe. Do your own research!

They both are overall pro Patriot Act, Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, education industrial complex inflation to a trillion dollars in debt, the bloated military industrial complex, corporate subsidies to big bankers and corporations, with some of YOUR MONEY!

Then Obama comes up in here and seemingly straight up lies about NDAA and seems to act as a phony demagogue with gay rights and women and a number of trivial emotional appeal that perhaps he feels he can try to get in on. And then the uncongressional military and drone strikes.... well.... let's just say...many of us wanted to get rid of Bush...not reelect him for another 8 years...but that's what we got with Obama...8 more years of Bush, with a Muslim spin or whatever.

Obama's doing nothing to contract and restrict the big government. He's not really an outsider, he's like a recently groomed/hired economic hit man with a pretty face if you will. He's expanding state spending in many ways creating bureaucracy and chasing away real capital.

He's just like Bush with a different skin color and letter next to his name... he talks liberal speak just like Bush talked conservative speak as a candidate....but Obama is not a social liberal... he's a corporate liberal... he's supplies subsidies and welfare to corporations..just like Bush. Obama and Romey both voted for TARP to bail out the same corporations who would fund both of their campaigns. Do your research!

If you question and research the events of 9/11 like you should... then you definitely can't support Obama... he's just a sleeping dog and perhaps...he's definitely lying!!

Maybe he's a constant liar to many of us. It's seemingly pathetic the way people drink up the lies and BS he appears to spout, and maybe I'm somehow wrong, I don't claim to know absolutely. Just saying how it appears. It's like... not even funny... however the point here is not to attack Obama supporters or make them feel belittled... because many of us were hoping to find a solution to the problems of big tyrannical government that Bush was imposing upon us.

We are definitely not getting a solution with Obama. He appointed the corporate executives from Monsanto, Mars Candy, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and many others to the Federal Government. This is fascism. It's hard enough to get corporations to regulate themselves. Should we be allowing corporations to regulate society external to themselves, through the state? Absolutely not!

I'm not saying to believe every single thing, but use your own judgement, use Google and Youtube and other independently searchable sources to research the facts for yourself.

Use keyword search variations to see if any of this is really true. Take your time. This is our country, our lives... our freedom! Do you want to live in a corporate Matrix? Of course not! Let's make sure everyone understands statism.

Obama is now in the process of expanding the drone program. Robots that kill! Are robots supposed to kill? Maybe in a corporate matrix... but not in a free society abiding by the non aggression principle and the right to life! Do you want to live in a free, open and diverse society or a monolithic, fully democratic society where everyone is falsely made 'equal' and all this and that largely to quench the emotional outcries more so than actual need in many cases?

Listen... Obama, once again, is an agent of corporate finance capital just like Bush. So shouldn't he and really both of them and all their cronies be held accountable?

Shouldn't Obama be held accountable to his constituents for making his own supporters seem naive by simply doing the opposite of nearly everything he claims to stand for in his speeches?

Does he have of the real qualities whatsoever of a real 'black' leader?

Would MLK Jr be proud of Obama with his unauthorized drone strikes and NDAA legislation? Let's face it... probably not even close! Share your thoughts and share me please!

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