Would you step into the 'Gun Free' zone knowing this?

The 'Gun Free' zone and why it's so dangerous

Look...we are simply never going to completely eliminate aggression and use of force and it will manifest itself in many different ways. People die in car accidents everyday due to the use of the automobile. The same happens with all kinds of heavy equipment or machinery. Machinery is dangerous. Nature is dangerous. Life is dangerous. A gun is meant to be a tool for defense. Certainly it can be used aggressively even if only to induce fear...but then, so can a machete.

Now the main point to having arms in the population is so that we can resist socioeconomic tyranny or invasion, so let us not forget how important that is when we think about the secession from British monarchy!

It is also meant as a means to defend against home invasion or personal aggression.
But the main thing it is meant for is so that we can protect ourselves from tyrannical politicians that want to come in and sell their policies to a majority of ideologues and largely entitlement oriented folks to create a mob rule scenario. So let us not forget that the main reason we have any freedom to even express any ideas or grievances whatsoever with government is because we are heavily armed.
As far as 'Gun Free' zones, the problem is that we can never assume that guns will be completely eliminated and so we must always be vigilant towards lunatics and criminals who might get a hold of guns as they often do. The only way to properly defend against these kinds of violent and potentially fatal crimes is to have a gun for defense.

In the massacres we have seen where students and even small children are being shot and killed by lunatics, we have noticed the startling trend of 'Gun Free' zones. It's not to say that students should be carrying weapons all over the campus, but surely they are inviting a criminal or lunatic with a gun who may want to attack in a fanatical mode since the 'Gun Free' zone is essentially announcing that there is no reasonable means of defense legally available and there probably isn't if good, law abiding people are 'following the law'.

Could this make any less sense? Let's end the 'Gun Free' zones. If an authorized gun owner happens to be in the facility, it's probably a good thing in actuality. Think about it...  would you rather have one lunatic with a gun and no good guys with a gun or one lunatic with a gun and nine good guys with a gun. Now you may say you want nobody to have a gun... but seriously... let's be realistic, criminals will always find ways to get guns, just like they currently find plenty of ways to get cocaine and other drugs. Let's not be naive. Law abiding citizens need to have access to reasonable means of defense and any infringement upon the second or first amendment is potentially VERY dangerous. In fact, it's so dangerous that you should probably be waking up all Americans to this information so that they have a full understanding of why 'Gun Free' zones are very dangerous. 

Now if all these massacres are happening in 'Gun Free' zones...can we agree that a 'Gun Free' America don't sound so good in that light? Look... Hitler and Chairman Mao imposed gun controls. Stalin imposed gun control legislation and it turned out to be a very bad idea. Any time you disarm a large population of people in any real way, they are at great risk of even extermination. Do you ever want to risk being exterminated by a monolithic state government old r invader from the outside? Absolutely not!! So you want to protect that Second Amendment and you want to make sure your friends and family understand these are very real reasons to stand up for their US Constitution.

The free market is not perfect and this doesn't mean we should go hard right wing and talk about police, gun or military mandates, but we should be talking about the ethical use of a firearm from the perspective of a conservationist patriot. Once who preserves their rights to defend themselves and their home and their family and in terms of hunting, it also conserves the environment against mass ranching productions and processing plants. It puts the responsibility back into the hands of the individual and also holds those individuals accountable for their own actions.

End the 'gun free' zones and makes sure people understand lawful self defense. Think of how many lives would possibly have been saved is there was a possibility of meaningful and effective self defense within the vicinity. Even just one han
dgun could have potentially saved most of these lives. A gun is the only way you're gonna stop someone else with a gun...let's not be naive here. Don't allow demagoguery to rule... let our hearts go out to the victims of this completely fraudulent event today... at the same time, do your research, I think you will find that there are more questions than answers. Don't let them use this as an excuse to infringe upon the second amendment.

Ultimately, someone with a gun is called to the scene for self defense... the only thing that allowed this massacre to happen was the fact that law abiding citizens were not able to be armed. Does this mean it would have definitely worked? No... does it mean that everyone should have a gun? No... it means that whether a person is invading with a gun or a simply machete.... if that person is a lunatic or if there is a mob or a senseless riot, a law abiding citizen needs to have a reasonable defense and a gun is a mechanism for that! Do I encourage gun ownership and usage... ? Well I would want at least some of my countrymen and women to know how to use one...even if I didn't use them... and I really don't...but the simple fact is.... in order for a population to assure freedom, they must remain vigilant and armed. Don't let tyrants rule...don't allow the government to lie to you, to use you or to play off of your emotions. Do your research and read the US Constitution!

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