Free Market Capitalism vs Centralized Controls and Regulations

The economy is a rain forest. The capitalist believes it should thrive. If you let it thrive with minimal to no pruning, all trees won't be the same height and there won't be 'economic equality' perhaps...and some of the shorter trees will surely not be able to survive as well as the taller trees...but overall, the shortest trees will be supported in many ways by those taller trees by way of ecosystem... and are still taller than the tallest tree in a freshly deforested area!

Real, free market capitalism creates massive prosperity, diversity, rapid economic growth, vegetation, flowering, unregulated growth... which isn't perfect, but it's better than mowing the whole forest down like a communist/fascist and giving all the fruits of the harvest over to a bureaucratic group of ideological social engineers and 'gardeners' who think they can put us all in a straight line and determine on a monolithic, global scale what is right and wrong. Humans weren't meant to live in straight lines. Humans weren't created to live in the Matrix...people are meant to live and die naturally without intervention and without destroying ourselves. At least that's how I see it!

Don't allow your fascist, corrupt government to ever mow us down. Read your US Constitution and become a member of the information revolution so that humankind goes on in the direction of more prosperity, liberty and voluntarism for all global citizens. Your only obligation to someone is to respect their life, liberty and right to keep the fruits of their own labor. Set an example of leadership and thrive. Not self pity and are greater than that. You are the one that people look up to.

Be that tall tree that helps to pull those smaller trees up and let's reach the sunlight together!

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