A Place Where Guns Are Controlled

There's a place where guns are globally and centrally controlled, everyone gets free housing, healthcare, food, education, no fights or conflicts, drone strikes without congressional vote, indefinite detention for us citizens, no freedom of speech or thought.

This place can be seen when we take the blue pill if you've ever seen the matrix. I am for social and economic diversity, competition, var
iation, non cookie cutter, non centralized, non artificial freedom with mostly diverse local economies and societies...what should a government be doing for us other that simply protecting our life and our rights to personal liberty short of anything thing demonstrated to take away from the life and liberty of another?

It all depends on what role you believe a big central government plays in our lives..... do we have tribe leaders and local elders to learn from.... or is globally centralized big brother gonna play mom and dad? Should the majority rule the minority...? To what degree should we allow ourselves to force the subsidizing of failure... specifically for corporations... like the billions that we know go to BofA, big oil, pharma etc... who's the big centralized government to decide how your capital should be invested?


Anyone who thinks it's a good idea to disarm a large population of people is certainly not thinking about history. Disarmed populations get slaughtered. Think Sudan or Uganda or the Old Soviet Union. I have to wonder what history some people have read. Are we to expect that a simple law is going to get the guns out of anyone's hands other than the law abiding citizens?! Sure it might stiffen some penalties...so that the state can confiscate more of the people's property and impose fines and just do whatever they want...because you'll be at a major disadvantage. 

You can't rebel against currency devaluation. it goes back hundreds if not thousands of years... look at the economy. Look at NDAA indefinite detention for US citizens and then this UN Gun Ban Treaty....? The question is whether you want to live in a free country or if you want to be bound to the slavery incurred by currency devaluation! End the Federal Reserve which bails out corporations with your money behind your back... realize which politicians are addressing the Federal Reserve and which aren't and then you will know who to support and who to oppose!

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