We see what the GOP is really doing by leaving Rand Paul out

Look, let's face it.. right now the GOP is at DEFCON 5... and they're doing whatever it takes to hold on. The state controlled media is trying to manipulate the election to the best of their ability and you can rest assured they are not done!

The things that may seem obvious to you are not obvious to everyone, everyone lives within their own bubble.

When FOX News left Rand Paul out of the GOP debate, it showed their ignorance of the views of the American people. Rand Paul had more than met their arbitrary qualifications and was still excluded. The media is trying to decide for you what you're going to do with your tax dollar. To be more specific, the two or three big media stations that are largely state operated monarchies of power, FOX, CNN and others who basically feed off of the same script from different angles.

They are still trying to keep us in this two party paradigm. The Cruzer, Clinton, Christie....   who tf are these people? Control freak authoritarians who want to decide who can smoke a joint and where you should spend your dollar....  they are nanny state authoritarians, regardless of what else they label themselves as. They want to decide on what drugs you're allowed to use and where you spend your dollar. They are going to tax you!

The problem is that too many idiots are feeding off of the big government in so many different ways, it's not just like... people on food stamps or whatever, although that can certainly be a contributing factor. The more power we give government, the more money we give them, the more they will abuse it. Let's face it, most of the people in our congress and senate are much wealthier than the common citizen. They want to get your support so they can pass out favors and privilege to their connections... not yours.

Look... let's face it, most Americans, at least on the right, are leaning libertarian these days!

What the GOP is doing is committing a massive fraud... they're in it with the dems !

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