Whether you like Obama or not...

The fact still remains, whether you like Obama or not, Romney has little virulent support.

Romney and Bush are in the same bloodline as well and many conservatives see him as a fake RINO (Republican In Name Only). What is important is that we support the revolution. What the Tea Party has done is said that they don't want the government using their money against their will!

The whole point to this is to gradually expose more Obama supporters to the liberty movement... don't get it twisted!

Go post this anti Romney fan page URL on Obama's thread below it... the more the merrier :)

Anti Romney URL:

Obama URL:

America... we the people united for overall principles of smaller government with less focus on military efforts, a peaceful foreign policy, some limited but reasonable welfare for the elderly, sick and veterans etc...people really in need, less fake money and credit from the corrupt Federal Reserve!

If we simply realize that overall Bush, Obama, Romney and even Clinton are largely all the same.... Romney wrote Obamacare, Clinton was the most conservative and peaceful, Bush was completely corrupt and Obama is related to Bush and Cheney... your worst enemies!!!

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