Urgent message for registered voters only

********HEY, YOU... YEAH... YOU... I know this sounds crazy right.... but get this.... your friend shared this blog with you to ask you to visit this website for a few short videos to see what Congressman and Dr Ron Paul is doing to unite all Americans, democrats, republicans, independents and others and bringing us all back to our most cherished constitutional rights such as our right to privacy, liberty and the right to earn a living and live mostly free of excessive state controls and taxation to fund a bursting welfare/warfare state economy that has taxed the people far too much and then spent way too much money on all the wrong things.

Your friends shared this with you to simply ask you to take a few minutes to put aside any and really all preconceived notions...and just watch a few of these videos at www.2012RonPaul.org to really learn what is going on with this particular candidate. YOU JUST HAVE TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND!! VISIT THE SITE...BROWSE THE FEW SHORT VIDEOS.********

I'm not hearing any Presidential candidates talking anything about DARPA drones, ACTA, NDAA, SOPA, HR 347, sanctions, phony foreign aid, education debt, the Federal Reserve, QE3, eminent domain and property rights, UN troop presence, mic slips, teleprompters at conventions, failed and crony TARP and GM bailouts, CFR, TLC and NATO membership, TSA, HUD, DHS, NSA and FDA expansion, FEMA and CIA black secret black ops budgets, 9/11 questions, Monsanto, Mars Candy, Dupont, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs and other corporations crony fascist government takeovers and operations... I'm not hearing anything about urban sprawl and the fallout from central housing and economic planning!

Perhaps they don't want to round up 12 million illegal immigrants and deport them...perhaps they want to round up 12 million US citizens and lock them up in Gitmo and FEMA camps

America... we the people united for overall principles of smaller government with less focus on military efforts, a peaceful foreign policy, some limited but reasonable welfare for the elderly, sick and veterans etc...people really in need, less fake money and credit from the corrupt Federal Reserve!

If we simply realize that overall Bush, Obama, Romney and even Clinton are largely all the same.... Romney wrote Obamacare, Clinton was the most conservative and peaceful, Bush was completely corrupt and Obama is related to Bush and Cheney... your worst enemies!!!

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