Do Americans really get to choose their President?

Some would say the elections are rigged. Some would say it's best to vote independent, others want to support their party line....almost regardless of whether they agree with some individual parts of the platform.

You could say you voted Gary Johnson and represented libertarians across the board as one possibility... or you could have written in Ron Paul and voted all other libertarian candidates running for office in this cycle.

Either way, as far as the Presidency, we know the government body will not allow RP or's anathema to have a libertarian President elected, since we want to cut the government the most. So we have to fight that system with Ron Paul's ideas. They are simply core, principled libertarian ideas.

I say write in RP in the states that you can and vote GJ and all other libertarian candidates...because the fraud was against RP...we need to make them know that America is waking up. We need to reach more people outside our own circle of friends though. RP, GJ and the libertarian movement! Share your thoughts.

Obama and Romney agree... on NDAA Indefinite Detention for U.S. Citizens.... because ... the Jews thought they were being shipped off to some daycare center and the Germans thought they were free!!!

A real Ron Paul supporter will not do a thing to support Mitt Romney or Barrack Obama!
We will not lift a finger in their favor... we know that every promise they make us or every deal they offer us is completely phony! The real Ron Paul supporter will never vote for either one!

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