What the U.S. Constitution is trying to tell us

The liberty provided to us in the US Constitution was designed to allow us the maximum personal freedom of choice in the ways we conduct our own lives and spend the fruits of our labor minus that which takes from the life or liberty of someone else, in which case it will be a matter left to one of a diverse number of courts where the matter could be reviewed and judged upon by a group of peers in a speedy and just manner.

 The US Constitution gives the Federal officials no authority to legislate medicines and substances that are considered to be taboo/inebriating/intoxicating.... this is an issue that would be a state matter so that there may be competition and diversity in how these matters are handled and so that people may 'vote with their feet' as a last resort.

There is something to be said for discrimination, but the important thing is that we embrace the fundamental ethics of ancient civilizations which is to be anti racist and pro diversity, business, negotiations and trade through voluntary means...this really is what brings communities together and so the federal government should have no authority to restrict or regulate the economy and redirect the fruits of the labor of the people into the pockets of a handful of centrally controlling bureaucrats who then take your money and spend it on the projects that you would never approve of.

The US Constitution most certainly would never approve of the CIA, DARPA, FEMA, DOE, ADA, FDA, EPA and many others in any legislative form whatsoever. These programs should only be voluntarily funded by individuals who want those organizations and their approvals. Never funded with you or anyone else's tax dollar.

We should never be protected from ourselves by our own government. They can't make you a better person. The state can't make a person not be a racist or not be depressed... only influence and adherence to the fundamental principles of humanity and philosophy can do that...not a monolithic voice coming out of the telescreen.

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