Listen Idiot, Here's Why You Should Not Have the Right to Own Guns

Well... let's see why you would not have the right to bear arms? And it has nothing to do with political parties!

1. First of all... for your own good and of course that of others, if you are not an abider of the natural or god given laws of reciprocation and the fundamental Golden Rule that says we shall treat our neighbor as we shall treat ourselves regardless of their external differences, then having a gun is simply not smart. We should respect each other as we would respect ourselves. That we shall respect the life and liberty of another human being. Also, if you have a history of aggressive or violent behavior and deemed a hazard by your local community, then in these cases you don't want or should not be allowed to purchase or generally own a firearm.

2. You would also not have the right to bear arms... if you were say one of as many as 13 million Jews exterminated in Nazi Germany... then yeah... you would have to register and/or turn in your guns... to Hitler's SS Commanders.

3. If you were one of 1.5 million Armenians in Turkey from 1915-1917 who were unable to defend themselves and were simply exterminated... you probably wouldn't have the right to bear arms!

4. If you were under the dictatorship of say Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao or any one of a number of a tyrants, then you would not have a right to own a gun and therefore, your community would be utterly defenseless against invasion and/or extermination by a militia with more firepower, perhaps even a domestic traitor militia group.

5. If you live in Australia since as far back as about 2001, you would likely not own a firearm... where violent crimes, homicides, assaults, rapes and home invasions are significantly higher than previously by up to 300%.

6. You might not want a gun if being exterminated en masse by a foreign or domestic enemy don't bother you...or maybe you think that we live in a Utopia where nothing like Nazi Germany will ever happen again.

7. You might not be able to get to a gun or be able to use a gun if are detained against your own will and labeled as a 'terrorist' as a result of say the new NDAA legislation that has been passed through the house and senate and even signed by the President giving your own Federal government the codified right to detain and imprison and perhaps even torture you indefinitely without a trial in front of a jury of your peers. In other words, draconian, tyrannical, uncongressional dictatorship.

8. Also, you might not have easy access to a gun in a society where currency is inflating and the big, centralized government is utilizing a big, centralized banking system as a means for subsidizing their closest allies in the private sector who help to get them reelected each cycle.

9. Guns will be harder to get as the currency inflates and it is sensed that there will be riots and rebellion. The government factions may attempt to get as many guns out of the hands of anyone and everyone other than themselves and especially out of the hands of the law abiding, middle class citizen that has to work hard for their money and sees much of it going to pay for things he/she never would think of agreeing to, like war, wasteful government research programs, corporate subsidies and bailouts, excessive student, housing, auto and other easy money loans.... in this society where petroleum is approaching $5 a gallon and there are less of the jobs that people are trained for and used to... then your gun rights will be taken away...because you are useless to the bottom line of the corporation called big government.

10. Now certainly when a rapist or home invader is looking for someone to infringe upon... we can surely guess whether they want you to have the right to bear arms or not. A mugger or someone following you in your car down a long road at night...surely they wouldn't want you to be a gun owner. Maybe the gangs and criminals in Chicago might not want a resident to be armed and trained. Carjackers, thieves, jealous psychopaths... they don't want you to know how to use a they?!

11. Heck... I don't know... you shouldn't have a gun...because of these tragic incidents at schools and other 'gun free' zones...    but then again, with the recent UN Gun Ban Treaty that has been in the works for some time, I guess it all just depends on whether or not you believe that your own government would kill a few children to advance their own political agenda or not...  let's watch this short clip with Barbara Walters and Madeleine Albright and then answer that question.

Remember the Bush years?

Or this speech by the current President

Look... this isn't about political party anymore.. it isn't just isn't just democrats... it's both !! It's us against the system!

12. Who doesn't want you to have a gun? Someone who is afraid of you... and why are they afraid of you? Because they have done or plan to do something wrong to you! The big tyrannical government.... doesn't want you to have a gun!!! Wake up America!!!

It doesn't matter what your political beliefs or opinions are, this is just history 101!
Let's listen to this message and tell your friends to do the same...restore liberty for all!

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  1. That is just so sickening. Being former military, I am ashamed of this. To change up Jesus' words upon the cross "Forgive me Father, for I knew not what I did."