Why a vote for Ron Paul is not a vote for Obama

Ron Paul is not a vote for Obama because, if it weren't for Ron Paul... not only was I never planning on voting for Romney in the first place...  I simply wasn't planning to vote at all.

In fact, Ron Paul was the only Presidential candidate I've ever felt compelled to openly support.

He's the only candidate that seems to have made consistent sense on philosophy and principle.

He's the only candidate who's openly said it's his goal to not control the people, that we should be free socially and economically as long as we don't take away from the life and liberty of someone else.

He stands for the principle of non aggressive, civil disobedience as well as the Second Amendment which serves as our reminder, as a free people, to bear arms.

He stands for sound, commodity backed currency that relies on more than just the simple public trust.

He stands against the private and completely corrupt central bank known as the Federal Reserve.

He stands against the kind of currency manipulation which is very deviously bankrupting our country.

Ron Paul stands against fascism.and totalitarian corporate statism.

He doesn't think Monsanto should be running the FDA or that Goldman Sachs should be operating HUD.

He doesn't think the government should bail out big bankers and corporations with our money.

Ron Paul thinks you should have the right to drink raw milk or simply use some marijuana without being arrested or even harassed by agents or officers.

Ron Paul feels that if you don't take from the life and liberty of another, then nobody should take away your life and liberty and that's all the government of a free people should be allowed to do!

So when we vote for Ron Paul...we vote for Ron Paul... not Obama....or Romney... they are mostly the same.

I'm not hearing anything from Romney or Obama about issues like DARPA drones, ACTA, NDAA, SOPA, HR 347, sanctions, phony foreign aid, education debt, the Federal Reserve, QE3, eminent domain and property rights, UN troop presence, mic slips, teleprompters at conventions, failed and crony TARP and GM bailouts, CFR, TLC and NATO membership, TSA, HUD, DHS, NSA and FDA expansion, FEMA and CIA black secret black ops budgets, 9/11 questions, Monsanto, Mars Candy, Dupont, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs and other corporations crony fascist government takeovers and operations... I'm not hearing anything about urban sprawl and the fallout from central housing and economic planning! How about you?!

Romney supporters never said they wouldn't vote for Ron Paul if he was the nominee.... but Ron Paul supporters were saying they wouldn't support Romney, since he's largely in agreement with Obama on many issues. The GOP should have listened to us! But we know the truth is that the government overall is there to protect it's own interests...and $1 trillion in cuts to the government certainly isn't in the government's best interests!

It's never too late to join the revolution!
Ron Paul Only

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