He has a lot more to say than what you hear on the surface

He's the only one proposing real, in depth solutions to cutting healthcare cost and making it available to a higher number of people rich and poor!

He's the only candidate that values life from cradles to grave and is not a statist ....he's the only candidate who doesn't want to be a social engineer and doesn't want to propose a ton of legislation on the economy that's actually keeping people just like us from competing against the biggest corporations the most.

He's the only one who offers a challenge to the Federal Reserve private banking monopoly and the bailouts that went to corporate executives. Ron Paul wakes people up... he doesn't just tell you what you want to hear....because for one thing.... he tends to assume you're smarter than just to listen to what paid TV pundits and fake journalists might say about him.... he tends to assume people are smart enough to hear what he's saying... and that's his main fault...but still.... even with the complete corporate media blackout, he's still manages to create a massive and vigilant following of Tea Partiers and 99%ers.

He's the true patriot, he's the sensible non statist who offers less regulations, constraints, fascism and totalitarianism tactics.... more freedom, more liberty... he doesn't know how to control our lives, he doesn't want to control or run our lives, he has principles and wants to change the role that government plays in our lives.... he wants the government to just play the minimum role instead of trying to control everything and make every decision.

He's doesn't think Federal bureaucrats know how to spend your money and raise your child than you do and so he doesn't want to put them on a Federal payroll..since the big pseudo government only exist to the extent which we allow and in itself has nothing and so it has to take something from someone else to give it to you...and this should perhaps not be done be blanket Federal mandates since that tends to actually create monopolies and reduce freedom and competition which is the true means of reducing cost and raising quality. Anyways... again, just random thoughts!


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