Damn right big bankers are scared of this guy

Look... I know this is difficult from some people to understand...especially if you consider yourself a party line democrat or republican.

Ron Paul is the guy the top .1% absolutely don't want you to think or know about! Ron Paul gets people to go buy guns and completely boycott any kind of centralized power or monopoly, corporate, government or otherwise... Ron Paul gets people livid against corporate power and economic monopolization caused by fascist control freak statists.

Ron Paul thinks you should have the right to drink some raw milk without breaking the law.

He thinks that non violent people who haven't done anything to harm or steal from others should be released from the very highly profitable prison industrial complex system.

He thinks we should spend less money on war and more money helping homeless veterans, elderly and sick people who depend on their retirements, social security and other social contracts that have already been established. He thinks we should stop stereotyping and being party liners, he thinks that since America is at least $15 trillion in debt, perhaps we should be wiser about our spending.

He's truly concerned about all the people being killed in the wars. He's the candidate your troops endorse by far. He is the only peace candidate.


He's been saying the same things for over 35 years. He's a man of integrity and principles. He's the only one proposing real solutions to improving everyone's lives and he's the most humane candidate.

The guy in the White House now is the ultimate con artist... next to maybe the Bush family.... actually he's part of the Bush family.... Ron Paul is not part of that whole neocon/neoliberal globalist communist/fascist/statists mess!! This is a time of great awakening!

Ron Paul makes sense. You can't go on what the rumors and TV tell you. The 2012 election is a complete fraud. To understand, you have to look at it from within the Ron Paul camp!

There's a reason people keep talking about Ron Paul even though the news calls him 'crazy' and 'unelectable'.... there's a major fraud...I invite you to learn about it. Learn about Ron Paul more first of all... go to www.2012ronpaul.org and watch some short videos. Use Youtube and Google in case you really want to find out the truth about Ron Paul and the liberty movement!

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  1. Hey Bro, I'm with you all the way about Ron Paul for 2012. I would also like to see Gary Johnson as Dr. Paul's running mate for VP!