Something For Democrats to Think About

What do you think democrats?
Should we allow the government to keep taxing us?
Does it look like we can trust them with our money?
Is it not time to starve the beast in any way possible and become self reliant?
Can we now see why socialist and regulatory controls are not a good idea?
Can we see how centralized economic controls by the government gives them incredible power by way of legislation and force?

Can we see why liberty, economic and social freedom are of utmost importance?
Can we see why they say rugged individualism and independence are the road to prosperity?
Can we see how socialism mostly just takes money from the poor and gives it to the elite and their enforcing bureaucrats which can largely include law enforcement and other Federal agencies?

Should we think that if the will hire police to control our social activities that are out of their box, they aren't also creating schools that control are mental activities as well?

Should we ever assume that a big government bureaucrat is gonna have more concern for humanity than the owner of most any business? Should we not be alarmed by the tragedies of WWII or Chairman Mao, Stalin, Zimbabwe or the Philippines? Say no to socialist, fascist or communist economic controls...say yes to liberty and freedom.

This way, the people will have more money to actually help the poor and hire more people and give back to their own communities as they see fit....not some monolithic pseudo entity called big government!!


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