Why democrats are feeling deceived by The President

Should the government be more powerful than the people?

Tell him to take Monsanto out of the FDA and Mars candy co out of the USDA....tell him to fire Goldman Sachs... !!! Who are we kidding... it's too late!!!

But still...please tell him we don't want corporations telling us how to live and eat and controlling our food supply.

Nothing personal against the man... but that's real talk!!!

What could be more offensive to Americans than to put a corporation in charge of a Federal agency in such a blatant manner?

We don't want fascism...do we?!?!?!

That's about as right wing as it gets!

I don't want to call him evil and make personal attacks.... but I thought that was mainly the kind of thing big government republicans might have done.

Monsanto has produced corn that is shown to destroy organs inside the bodies of lab mice and much, much more....like MUCH MORE!

I'm not here to tell anyone who to support here, but I'm just saying, I think there's a lot that most people aren't really thinking about.

Obama voted for corporate stimulus packages!! Remember those?

That's corporate welfare!!! Billions of dollars to failed corporations.

Our taxpayer dollars.... we gave them... a reward for failure!!! Obama voted yes on those... just like Bush!!! Think about it!! Then he hired all of Goldman Sachs to his cabinet... like Bush did!

Ideally, Obama would have been my President too....because I would think of myself as a dem in most respects...but when he was getting elected....it all looked very phony to me. 

I don't want to bring him down because I don't like something about the way he looks, his ethnicity or birthplace or something kinda neither here nor there in terms of actual policies being implemented. I would normally identify with a black guy on the left...but this guy is a corporate crony... he hired nothing but Goldman Sachs and Monsanto.

Think about it.... he is related to George Bush.... so, what if he's really just part of a massive corporate agenda to effectively enslave and control the American population, largely through currency manipulation and war?

I don't mean to make anyone mad or argue.... I just see him as a traitor to the left... democrats and liberals are normally anti war and anti corporate elite control... but this guys heading into another war based on intel from the same people who brought us Iraq and 9/11.... and he's creating a corporate government. Sadly, the news on tv doesn't report this stuff...it's really very incriminating.

Sadly, many people will support him just because he's what they want to see, visually... he's a black man ... in the White House..... it's an illusion.

Think about it.... many people will vote for him just because of that one thing... then others will vote just because he has a D next to his name or his opponents have an R next to theirs... it's very superficial... surface oriented.

If we really went back and looked at the specifics of a lot of his policies...they are mostly the exact opposite of what a true freedom loving liberal or person of any kind would want.

It's like he's just continuing Bush policies with a communist twist....it seems very dangerous and honestly, kinda scary...to think that the government is more powerful than the people...and then to impose stricter gun control laws... I mean think about it... that's what Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao did...not saying he's one of them, but history does repeat itself... and following Bush, I'd be more cautious.

Even if you can trust him with these new laws that are taking away your Constitutional rights...can you trust the next guy to follow him with those same powers?!

I stand for freedom and I invite you to join me!
Do you feel the same urgency that I do?? 
Then pass this on to every single person you know!!
Ron Paul might just be your best alternative!

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