Why Ron Paul supporters are so vocal

Wanna know why Ron Paul supporters are so vocal and confident... ?
Are you still wondering why people would be so die hard?

Extend your attention span for a minute and watch
a video like this to get a bigger picture perspective...

If it makes sense and you want to join the revolution
and help spread the word about the revolution before it's too late,
before there's another corporate bailout, before there's another long term war based on lies, before we go into deeper economic collapse, before the serious rioting begins, before the debt slavery is too deep to climb out of, before foreign nations buy out America...
please forward this video to your friends and family and become true
defender of freedom!

The reason why Ron Paul stands out is because he's the
only one with the balls to say the things he's saying...
but you have to look deep.

Watch this video below and visit
www.2012ronpaul.org for some more detailed information
on where he really stands on the issues.

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