What if the President offered to sell a portion of the US to China?

What would you say if the President offered to sell a portion of the US to China...or to hold in exchange for loans? Would you be upset?

What if Obama and Bush were really just a corporatists playing off our divisive views on moral issues like abortion and gay marriage...and in the process they're really working together as a part of a current establishment of the Rockefellers and other elite families...in order to rob us as a nation by giving us a bunch fake loans and easy 'fiat money' and requiring us to pay it back with interest in many ways, including mass inflation and taxation.

Essentially indentured servants with the illusion that they are free....since unless they follow the economic system, they risk being persecuted and worse.

I do see that the drug war is failed, I see that students are $1 trillion in debt with little job growth and somewhere from 10-25%. I see the printing of more money as being likely the main contributor to inflation...as the encyclopedias and surely most sensible economists will tell you. Printing too many dollars lowers their value, so we need to end or at the very least audit and restrict the FED.

I also see that the military is costing a fortune...and the money is ultimately ending up in the hands of no bid private contractors who do jobs for the big government. I see the golden rule not being practiced well overseas or even domestically, I am very concerned about people having the right to a fair trial (Habeus Corpus).

I think that people should mostly have personal freedom of choice as long as they are not using aggression or coercive behavior... so that's all I'm saying.. it's hard to vote for someone who doesn't take those positions... other than Ron Paul... which many might have all these negative things to say, but I don't see anything substantial...just a couple of mostly speculative points and a bunch of meaningless and immature cut downs....so that's just my meaningless input :) I have nothing against anyone, I've never even considered voted republican in any way before.

I don't hear many Obama supporters talking about any issues that matter.... that are truly important like civil liberties, the real cause of the down economy and how to fix it, the real problems with 9/11, the real effects and recipients of the stimulus packages, an audit of the real wealth of the national treasury and the FED, return to civil liberties, highlighting the defense budget or anything else.

I don't hear them upholding Habeus Corpus or following the rule of law. I see them taking away your liberties, breaking their promises, doing business as usual, taking your people to wars that have no foundation in reason and logic.

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