The negative side of universal healthcare

Universal healthcare for all...good idea or not so much?
Just because you're not for universal healthcare doesn't mean you want people to go without the care they need. It means that you see that state run healthcare is a bad's not a free market principle. In the free market, businesses compete. In a state run market, there is little to no choice, long lines, inflation and reduction in quality.

If you want better healthcare, you use free market principles. You enforce contracts and hold people responsible for criminal acts and negligence of course, but you allow the free market to work so that more alternatives can be brought to light. If you had a free market, the actual cures for many health problems could actually be distributed. Right now, most cures are suppressed by government monopolization and regulations created by the corporations and their attorneys to create a narrow window of monopolization within the industry.

The big government is mostly assembled by corporations to protect corporate interest. Free markets allow for competition, hence, lower prices and higher quality. You need a slight balance, but if you regulate the growth of a tree, you bend the limbs a little...but you don't break them!

Look at free market products, such as electronics...computers, cell phones and other tech industries see vast improvements in speed and power every few months and the prices continue to go down. This is thanks to much more free market principles.

Providing universal healthcare to everyone sounds good....but in the long run, perhaps it only makes the problem worse. When the government is paying for something, the price goes up and the quality goes down. Bottom line.

We want everyone to get the healthcare they need. We just see a more effective solution to doing it.

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